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Myrtle Beach SC Plein Air Watercolor Paintings by Raleigh Fine Artist

Few days ago I had travelled to Myrtle Beach SC for a little family vacation. I always carry my watercolors with me wherever I go! So while I enjoyed spending time with my family, I did manage to make sketches and paintings. I carried my sketch-pad and watercolor blocks to the beach everyday. I also made pencil and ink sketches. Myrtle Beach is a busy place! And it wasn’t practical to setup and easel. So, basically I worked while sitting down. Of course, I got lot of fine sand in my palette as I painted! I did not mind little bit of mixed-media! The other challenge was humidity. It really was difficult to predict how the pigments will behave. And painting on variety of paper surfaces kept things interesting!

While I painted smaller sketches on the beach, I also did couple of bigger plein air paintings from the balcony. Of course, I missed the fun of sudden waves crashing on my stuff (I may have lost a brush or two). It took me 30 mins to 3 hours to complete each painting. I did talk to some nice folks as I painted. I especially enjoyed painting lifeguards.

All the paintings are available for purchase. I will also use these paintings as reference to create bigger oil painting or two in my studio.

I sketch a lot from life. This is a good practice for when I paint live at Weddings. I will be working on a wedding painting studio commission next for Carolina Country Club in Raleigh.

– Tesh Parekh

Myrtle Beach Landscape #1. 16×20. Watercolor on paper. Plein Air. I painted this scene from the balcony. Started one evening and finished next morning.
Myrtle Beach Landscape #2. 15×22. Watercolor on paper. Plein Air. I painted this scene from the balcony. The time was mid-morning.
Lifeguard on Duty. Myrtle Beach SC. 8×5. Watercolor on paper. Plein Air. When painting on people, you have to work quickly. I work a lot from the memory.
Yellow Flag. Myrtle Beach SC. 9×12. Watercolor on paper. Plein Air. The lifeguards were very helpful and I am glad I could capture this pair.
Beach Chairs. Myrtle Beach SC. 9×12. Watercolor on paper. Plein Air. I made this sketch one afternoon. I remember moving back couple of times as waves kept rising.
Beach Scene. Myrtle Beach SC. 9×12. Watercolor on paper. Plein Air. This was the last painting of my “vacation” and I really enjoyed it.



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