Wedding Painting at the Cypress Manor in Cary NC

I painted this for  Apara Pochiraju of  LadyBird Events as a part of her Styled Shoot. The event took place at the Cypress Manor in Cary NC. The theme was South Asian wedding. Each year I photograph several Indian weddings and so I  know the excitement of being part of those!  I start and finish my live paintings at the weddings. That is a challenge and Indian weddings bring added complexity. So I had looked forward to this Styled Shoot. The shoot was scheduled for two days, first day being the ceremony. I painted the reception next day. My wife Mica was a big help with this painting. She took care of everything else, so, my job was to simply paint! We arrived ahead of the shoot so I can find good location. The venue looked beautiful. I had decided on doing a watercolor on paper. I worked on my drawing and painting in some of the background while waiting for the models to arrive. I finished the painting in my studio.  This was due to my schedule and schedule of the shoot. I finish my live paintings at events. 

It was nice meeting many vendors at this shoot and my painting was made possible by their talents and services. The beautiful outfits were from Posháác by Prem. I look forward to working with owner/ designer Premal Bdiani at future events.

Wedding Painting at the Cypress Manor
Wedding Painting at the Cypress Manor. Watercolor on paper.
Drawing for the wedding painting
Drawing for the wedding painting
Painting background
Adding color to the wedding painting
Painting at the Cypress Manor
Me painting at the Cypress Manor.

– Tesh Parekh

Live Wedding Painter and Fine Artist

Cary Lazy Daze 2014 Featured Painting Commission

Cary Lazy Daze. 18x24. Watercolor.
Cary Lazy Daze. 18×24. Watercolor.

Happy New Year! I was commissioned by the Town of Cary to create 2014 featured painting for the 2014 Lazy Daze festival. I created this watercolor which was unveiled yesterday. I will be writing more about this commission later.

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist and Live Wedding Painter

Latest show and news – Raleigh Fine Artist

I hope you are having a wonderful 2013! November and December were busy months for me last year. I made quite a few paintings. It is time to display those paintings now! Last few days, I have been busy matting and framing my work. I even made several frames myself! Honestly, it took me longer to frame my work than to make those paintings! So much for my woodworking skills…

My current show is at the Cotton Company in Wake Forest. There are several watercolors and oil paintings on the display there, including scenes of Wake Forest. The show runs through February 2, 2013.

Evening at Joyner Park. Watercolor. Artist - Tesh Parekh
“Evening at Joyner Park” is one of my watercolor paintings on display at the Cotton Company in Wake Forest (NC).

I am excited to have my work in Lucky Pie Gallery in Cary (NC)! This is a new gallery in Cary where I  currently have my two watercolor paintings for sell. I look forward to displaying more work with this gallery.

“Docked- New Bern”. 16×12. Watercolor on paper.
“Docked- New Bern” is one of my watercolors available through Lucky Pie Gallery in Cary (NC).

I hope to enter my work into more contest this year. I had entered couple of contest in December. Just received an update on one of the contest: my painting “Departed” has been juried into Tipping Paint Gallery‘s Still Life painting contest “Flowers and $#!+”. This is a new fine art gallery located in Raleigh Downtown. The opening reception will be on Feb 1 (6-9:30 PM).

"Departed". Watercolor. Artist - Tesh Parekh
“Departed” has been juried into Tipping Paint Gallery’s Still Life contest.

Happy painting!

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist and Live Wedding Painter

Raleigh Artist – Plein Air Watercolor of Waverly Place for WAG

Waverly Artists Group (WAG) is a new art gallery in Cary NC. It is located in Waverly Place. Long long time ago, I used to live closer to Waverly Place. It has been remodeled recently and features many new businesses. Gary Bradley is one of the partners and  artist with WAG. I met Gary at the opening of WAG’s Plein Air show. One of my paintings- “Drama” was accepted into this show (the painting also won an honorable mention). Gary is a super nice guy. Couple of months ago he invited me to paint live at the Waverly Place. I did this painting in couple of hours. I wanted to include as much of the location as possible.  So, it is a slightly longer at 12″x22″. The place was busy with activity and I enjoyed talking to many people. Later my family joined me as I finished the painting. We had dinner at Enrigo’s. We enjoyed meeting the owner. The good thing about painting on location is the memory it brings back when you look at it! If you are in Cary, be sure to check out WAG.

Please contact me if you would like to purchase this watercolor.

– Tesh Parekh

Artist & Live Wedding Painter


“Waverly Place Evening”. 12×22. Watercolor on paper. Plein Air.

Memorial Day 2010- An original oil painting by Tesh Parekh

Memorial Day 2010. 16×20. Oil on linen.

I did this painting for Jerry’s Artarama’s Lukas paint competition. I had done one painting earlier for this competition “The Cloud”. It is currently on the display for sale at Cary Gallery of Artists.

I love the way evening light falls through front door of our home. My son Ian loves to stand there and watch the world outside. Originally I wanted to do his watercolor painting. So, I did a pencil sketch couple of days ago. The weather has been cloudy for last few days, so I could not make an exact sketch of what I wanted to paint. I also had paintings due for Jerry’s as well as North Hills competitions. I did a Plein Air watercolor for North Hills last week (see my earlier post). I wanted to do an oil as well, but, couldn’t get out to paint (North Hills competition is Plein air). So, I decided to work on at least one more painting for Jerry’s.

The painting was due today. And when I was being run over by the day yesterday, I finally saw the sunlight! I tried having Ian pose the way I wanted. Hmmm… Try that with a two-year old! So, I gave up and snapped few photos to use as reference.

I used linen as a support. Although I paint on both canvas and linen (sometimes on board), I prefer linen. Lukas paints are different from other brands I use. Those are all good paints and I enjoy discovering characteristics of each brand. I started to paint at 10:30 PM and stayed up to finish it this morning at 2 AM. When I was finished, I didn’t care if I will win anything. I enjoyed my little painting. One thing was certain: I will have dozen brushes to wash next day and Ian will be up in the morning! He did get up at 3 AM! And I still have brushed to wash!

Ian’s middle name is West. His grandfather was James West Hadnot. A fine fighter pilot and Col. in the US air force. World War II veteran. Today, when I remember him (he passed away in 2007), I remember many war stories he had shared with me. Some of those can make hair on your arms stand up. And here I was. Worried about little things. I had a very upsetting and bizarre incident involving one of my professional photography clients yesterday. Kept me busy all day. I couldn’t stop thinking about it as I painted. And there are some fine folks who are sacrificing their lives for this country. There is no secret message in my painting. It is a little painting done on the Memorial day. May be Ian will grow up to be like Col. James West Hadnot.

– Tesh Parekh


Wedding Painting of Marci and Brian- Raleigh, NC Wedding Painter

Marci and Brian. 12×16. Watercolor on Arches 300 lb CP paper.

This is my recent studio wedding painting. I had photographed Marci’s wedding last year (when I am not painting, I do professional photography- Marci was a wonderful bride. Many brides have their Bridal portraits photographed prior to the wedding. Marci opted to do the portrait session of her daughters. I did that on location at the Pullen Park. These portraits were presented to Brian as a surprise at the reception. Marci was very kind to us and has become a good friend. So, I decided to do this wedding painting for her.

The painting is done from one of my photos of the ceremony at the Meredith College Chapel. The ceremony was special since Marcy’s father walked her down the aisle and was also ministered the wedding! Marcy loves her family and so I decided to paint this scene which captures most of her family.

I did this watercolor painting on Arches 300 lb CP watercolor block. The 300 lb paper has its own characteristics. I have noticed that the washes dry little flat as compared to 140 lb paper. However, I enjoy painting on different surfaces. This is my first painting using Holbein watercolor paints. I am trying those because one of my favorite watercolorists- Joseph Zbukvic uses those. I love the effects which Zbukvic creates in his paintings. So far so good- I am happy with what I have learned.

Below is my initial sketch of the painting. As a practice, I always start my watercolors with a pencil drawing.

I painted this watercolor fairly tightly and over a period of few days (rather late nights!). That is something I won’t do on location!

I presented this painting to Marci as a surprise: she absolutely loved it!

If you are a bride, wedding planner, event planner or a family member, looking for a unique keepsake or gift, I would love to hear from you!

– Tesh Parekh

Live Wedding Painting at the Matthews House in Cary

Pam and Dick. 12×16. Watercolor.

This is one of the live wedding paintings that I had done last year. It was early fall and the wedding ceremony was at the Matthews House. The Matthews house is a beautiful place- one of the places which I may paint Plein Air, if not painting live wedding. The outdoor weddings bring all the elements of Plein Air painting! The air was cool and misty, light fading fast and there were still some bugs buzzing around my easel!

This painting was a surprise for the bride, so, I had seup at a place that was not easily visible. But, I could see the ceremony from my view point. Since the light was fading, I went ahead and sketched the drawing and painted some of the background. The ceremony was a blur for me! By the time the ceremony was over and I had put finishing touches on the painting, it was dark!

Rev. Kayelily Middleton ( was the wedding minister and she was kind enough to share below image of me working on the painting. I have changed my painting materials and process since- I am a lifelong student!

 I accept both live painting and studio commissions. Currently, I am working on a large watercolor wedding painting of Jeffiny and Steve. I am also working on a large family portrait in oil (it has nine family members). I will be posting those when completed.

You can view my portfolio of Wedding and Event paintings at: Please contact me for the prices.

Gotta go paint!

– Tesh Parekh

My paintings in Halle Cultural Arts Center’s “A Sense of Place” Juried exhibition

It has been busy last few days! Although I have not been able to paint much, I have been really busy promoting my Wedding & Event paintings. My wife and I own IWP Photography ( We had a booth at Forever Bridal Show for both photography and painting. I received lot of interest in the Wedding paintings and so we will be including that as a part of our wedding packages. If someone already has a photographer (too bad!) or already married (congratulations!), I will accept commission for live or studio paintings. If you are not familiar with my Wedding and Event paintings, I have earlier blogs which I had posted on some of my paintings. I also have samples on my website:

This month I am working on couple of studio commissions- a large family group portrait and a wedding painting. I am also planning on entering couple of competitions.

My two plein air watercolor paintings have been accepted into Halle Cultural Arts Center’s “A Sense of Place” Juried exhibition (Apex). The first painting is “Fall evening, Cary” and the second painting is “State Capitol, Raleigh”. Different cities, different downtowns and different views!  Both were painted on location. “State Capitol, Raleigh” was also juried into 2009 NC State Fair. I had written about that painting earlier. I painted “Fall evening, Cary” on Academy Street after my shift at Cary Gallery of Artists where I am a member. I love the view of Academy street from Chatham. The street is always busy with traffic and cars parked on the side. The church adds the visual interest. I may paint there again. What I remember about that painting is the clean crisp fall air, with traffic passing by as I painted. There were some passerby, but not as many as when I painted “State Capitol, Raleigh”. Opening reception is on January 15.

Both paintings are available for purchase.

– Tesh Parekh

Exhibition of my Plein Air paintings at Cary Gallery of Artists

Fall music. 12×16. Watercolor.

I will be the featured artist at Cary Gallery of Artists ( in December. I will be exhibiting my Plein Air oil and watercolor paintings. My new work includes “Fall Music”. I saw this young man playing guitar at the boat house of Durant nature park. I first did his pencil sketch and then this watercolor. I have also done new oil paintings. I recently bought a pochade box and have been using it for oils outdoors. It is much lighter to carry than the French easel. My latest oil painting was with the Paint NC group at Prairie Ridge- I did a painting of my fellow artist Winnie Ferguson.

I had people ask me if I teach painting. I currently do not teach. However, if you have any questions on painting, I will be glad to answer those. Also, if you would like to paint with me, please contact me. I paint outdoors frequently, but, do not have a set schedule.

My opening reception at Cary Gallery of Artists will be on November 27 (Friday) 6 PM- 9 PM. The reception is open to everyone. Light refreshments will be provided. Cary Gallery of Artists is located at 200 S. Academy Street (inside Ashworth Village).

See you then!

– Tesh Parekh

Fall Plein Air paintings

These are some of my new fall plein air paintings, executed in different media: watercolor, gouache, and oil. “Plein Air” means painted outdoors. I like to paint just about anywhere. Someday I will be able to travel and paint. But, now I am enjoying painting locally. I often paint at Durant nature park in my neighborhood. It is amazing how many new things I see, every time I am out there (thank you Andrew Wyeth for teaching me how to see)! I have simplified my oil painting setup, so, I am able to execute more oil paintings outdoors. I am learning the oil palette of master artist Richard Schmid. As for watercolors, the master artist I follow is Joseph Zbukvic. Both do phenomenal work.

These paintings are available framed. Please click on the images for more information.

– Tesh Parekh

My art is online at: