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Kinston NC Paintings

I was back in Kinston this year for the annual plain air paint out. Last year my painting “Rainy Day in Kinston” had won the first place. The painting was sold and was the poster for this year’s annual Kinston BBQ festival. It had rained last year everyday of the paint out. So, I had painted sitting in my car. It was almost a repeat this year! first day the weather was storm but it cleared up. I painted “Gordon Street” in the morning. I had done one of my first paintings at the exact same location back in 2009. I was right near Chef & The Farmer. In the afternoon I headed to the Brothers Farm in La Grange NC. Kinston CCA has added this location as part of the paint out. Over the years, I have enjoyed working with Kinston CCA team. They are very helpful and make artists feel at home. Brothers Farm is full of painting subjects! Many old structures, tractors, pigs, chickens and sunny bits. I had limited time so I decided to paint open view from the farm. This was an oil and I used custom primed linen. I returned next day to the torrential rain. So, here I was again painting from my car! I had always wanted to paint the Heritage Street just to capture those poles and wires! This painting ended up winning the second place. The contest was judged by artist John Poon. I was back in Raleigh so missed the judging and awards ceremony. Couple of my paintings are still available with Kinston CCA. I plan to be back in 2017…

"Gordon Street". 11x14 Watercolor on paper. Available. Kinston NC Paintings.
“Gordon Street”. 11×14 Watercolor on paper. Available.
"Wet Day in Kinston". 2nd place winner in 2016 Kinston annual plein air paint out. 12x16. Watercolor on paper. Original sold. Prints available. Kinston NC paintings.
“Wet Day in Kinston”. 2nd place winner in 2016 Kinston annual plein air paint out. 12×16. Watercolor on paper. Original sold. Prints available.
"Lenoir County". 16x20. Oil on linen. Kinston NC Paintings
“Lenoir County”. 16×20. Oil on linen.











"Rainy Day in Kinston". First place winner in 2015 annual Kinston plein air paint out. Original sold- prints available. 2016 official poster of the Kinston BBQ festival. Kinston NC Paintings
“Rainy Day in Kinston”. First place winner in 2015 annual Kinston plein air paint out. Original sold- prints available. 2016 official poster of the Kinston BBQ festival












– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist

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Sasha Souza at the Cobblestone Hall- a live event painting by Tesh Parekh

Sasha Souza at Cobblestone Hall. Live Event painting. Watercolor. 11×14.

Sasha Souza is one of the premiere event designers and a top innovator in the wedding industry. She is one of only a handful of wedding designers who have been named a Master Bridal Consultant, the highest designation given by the Association of Bridal Consultants. Souza is the recipient of numerous awards including the Special Events Magazine Gala Award winner for “Best Dining Tabletop Design”, Event Solutions Magazine “Designer of the Year” and three ISES Westie Awards

The Greater Triangle North Carolina Chapter of the International Special Events Society (ISES) hosted “Emerging Trends with Sasha Souza ”

This event was held at the Cobblestone Hall in Raleigh. This is a brand new venue- ideal for weddings and events.

ISES had invited me to paint live at the event. Earlier in the day, I had photographed Sasha’s lunch with ISES and TWCE members at 18 Seaboard Restaurant. We will be posting images of that event on our photography blog:

Sasha was scheduled to present at 7 PM. I setup earlier to get started with the drawing and composition. Due to the length of the event, I decided to use 11×14 format. I used Holbein watercolors, Saunders Waterford 140 lb rough surface paper, and mostly Escoda brushes- my new favorites!

Image below shows completed drawing.

As with many indoor events, the difficult part is the lighting. In the beginning I had outside light on my setup. Once the Sun went down, there were many sources of light- each with different color temperature! But, live event painting is like a roller-coaster ride: once you are buckled-up and rolling, all you can do is have fun!

I enjoyed meeting my friends at ISES and many nice folks who stopped by to see me work. I wouldn’t say this was the easiest painting, but I think I have captured Sasha well- see the image above! This painting was presented to Sasha at the end of the event. She shared many kind words. I enjoyed listening to her while I was painting.

We have her latest book “Signature Sasha: Magnificent Weddings by Design”- I look forward to reading it!

This has been a good week for painting. Today I drove to Kinston for the Kinston CCA annual paint out. I did two paintings: 16×20 oil on linen and 13×19 watercolor on paper. I will be posting those later.

Tomorrow I will be in Wilmington to sign limited edition prints of my painting “Building Dreams”. This watercolor was selected for the 2010 Parade of Homes magazine cover. Check my blog later for more information on this painting.

As an artist, I enjoy painting all subjects: portraits, still life and landscape. However, I love painting from life the most. Both plein air painting and live wedding & event painting offer me the opportunity to do just that! I accept commissions and I travel!

– Tesh Parekh



Fletcher Park morning- A Plein Air painting by Tesh Parekh

Fletcher Park Morning. Watercolor. 12×16. Plein Air.

Local Color gallery of Raleigh hosts their annual paint out in April every year. I have participated for last three years. The first year was a learning experience as I was absolutely new to the plein air painting! My tools and techniques have completely changed since. I normally complete two paintings during the paint out: a watercolor in the morning and an oil in th

e afternoon. This year, I wasn’t sure if I could participate: I was scheduled to photograph a Bar Mitzvah party on the same day. Fortunately, the paint out location and the Bar Mitzvah party were both on the Glenwood Avenue. So, I decided to do a watercolor in the morning. In the ideal world, you get to paint what you want, where you want and paint till you are happy with the final result. Not so in the real world!

I had my watercolor paper stamped by the gallery, first thing in the morning. I had the opportunity yo meet many artists who are member of the gallery. Mary Beth Owen-Zdanski informed me that she had bought my watercolor from last year. Thank you, Mary Beth! She is a Ceramic Artist. You can see her work here:

I decided to paint at the Fred Fletcher park. This is a beautiful park. If you have not visited it, I highly recommend it. I had done another plein air watercolor their earlier- “Homework on the grass”. Although I love to paint cityscapes, I had to keep things simple today. I did the painting on a 12×16 Saunders Rough paper. I used Holbein paints. This was my first plein air painting using both. I like how the Holbein paints granulate. It creates interesting textural effects. As for the Saunders, it may take some practice to master it. I am learning about painting tools used by Joseph Zbukvic. I absolutely love his style and studying his work has certainly helped me improve my plain air work.

I had less than 90 minutes to start and finish the painting. I frequently paint live at Weddings and Events ( and hence used to paint in short amount of time. My process is the same: analyze the scene, start with a good drawing and washes, develop the tones and then complete the small details and final touches. I would have loved to paint little longer. However, I was happy with the final result.

Will it win anything? Watercolors have a bad track record locally! Especially, mine! My next competitions are at the North Hills mall and in Kinston. May be spirits of Andrew Wyeth, Sargent and Homer will descend upon me and teach me how to paint in watercolors…

– Tesh Parekh