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I was back in Kinston this year for the annual plain air paint out. Last year my painting “Rainy Day in Kinston” had won the first place. The painting was sold and was the poster for this year’s annual Kinston BBQ festival. It had rained last year everyday of the paint out. So, I had painted sitting in my car. It was almost a repeat this year! first day the weather was storm but it cleared up. I painted “Gordon Street” in the morning. I had done one of my first paintings at the exact same location back in 2009. I was right near Chef & The Farmer. In the afternoon I headed to the Brothers Farm in La Grange NC. Kinston CCA has added this location as part of the paint out. Over the years, I have enjoyed working with Kinston CCA team. They are very helpful and make artists feel at home. Brothers Farm is full of painting subjects! Many old structures, tractors, pigs, chickens and sunny bits. I had limited time so I decided to paint open view from the farm. This was an oil and I used custom primed linen. I returned next day to the torrential rain. So, here I was again painting from my car! I had always wanted to paint the Heritage Street just to capture those poles and wires! This painting ended up winning the second place. The contest was judged by artist John Poon. I was back in Raleigh so missed the judging and awards ceremony. Couple of my paintings are still available with Kinston CCA. I plan to be back in 2017…

"Gordon Street". 11x14 Watercolor on paper. Available. Kinston NC Paintings.
“Gordon Street”. 11×14 Watercolor on paper. Available.
"Wet Day in Kinston". 2nd place winner in 2016 Kinston annual plein air paint out. 12x16. Watercolor on paper. Original sold. Prints available. Kinston NC paintings.
“Wet Day in Kinston”. 2nd place winner in 2016 Kinston annual plein air paint out. 12×16. Watercolor on paper. Original sold. Prints available.
"Lenoir County". 16x20. Oil on linen. Kinston NC Paintings
“Lenoir County”. 16×20. Oil on linen.











"Rainy Day in Kinston". First place winner in 2015 annual Kinston plein air paint out. Original sold- prints available. 2016 official poster of the Kinston BBQ festival. Kinston NC Paintings
“Rainy Day in Kinston”. First place winner in 2015 annual Kinston plein air paint out. Original sold- prints available. 2016 official poster of the Kinston BBQ festival












– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist

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“Parrot Store” wins 3rd place in Kinston’s annual paint out- a watercolor by Tesh Parekh

Parrot Store. 13×19. Watercolor. Plein Air. Winner of third place in Kinston CCA paint out, 2010.

This watercolor won third place in Kinston CCA’s annual paint out.  I completed four paintings during two days (images of other paintings are below).

The Kinston Community Council for the Arts (Kinston CCA) is a non-profit organization that promotes art in Lenoir County. Kinston CCA’s annual paint out is held each year as a part of the BBQ festival on the Neuse.  This year the paint out was for three days in downtown Kinston, beginning April 28 through April 30th. Paintings were juried and then were for sale as the art gallery next to Mother Earth Brewery during the Festival on the Neuse. They will be on sale at The Arts Center, 400 N. Queen Street, Kinston for the month following the festival.

I painted on Wednesday and Friday. I drove in the early morning from Raleigh on Wednesday. The weather was beautiful for plein air painting! I started my first painting right at the gazebo where Mary Page (Kinston CCA) was accepting registrations. I saw couple of artists painting and decided to paint them! This is a 16×20 oil painting on linen. This is a fairly big size painting for plein air work! I worked fast, too- it took me around 3 hours to complete the painting- “Kinston Paint Out 2010”:

The next painting below- “Parrot Store” is one of my favorite watercolors. I did this painting on the Heritage Street in the afternoon. I loved the way light was falling on the Parrot Store. I had a great time working on this watercolor! Since I painted it on Wednesday, there was no rush to finish it. The only problem was the wind! I had to hold the painting with left hand while I painted! My fellow artists Bernie Rosage Jr. and Mitchell, both members of OOPS, came by while I was painting. I met Bernie and OOPS artists last year. Nice folks to know and to paint with! Bernie’s painting won second place.

I did not paint on Thursday as I was in Wilmington to sign the limited edition prints of my painting “Building Dreams”.

On Friday morning, I did an oil painting on the Neuse River.  Before I started the painting, I had different composition in mind. I wanted to paint the bare tree hanging over the river. But, once I started to paint, I changed my plans. This painting is 16×20 oil on linen as well- “Kinston Nature Center”:

My last painting of the competition was a watercolor. On the Heritage Street again, but, on the different side of the street from where I had painted earlier. This was not an easy painting! There was stress to finish it before the 5 PM deadline! And I had to photograph and frame my paintings before then! I did not enter this painting in the competition, but, the owner of the Mother Earth Brewery bought it on the spot- “Mother Earth Brewery”:

I have really enjoyed both the paint outs in Kinston- folks are very nice! Last year I had sold all four of my paintings there. I hope this year will be as good! This competition is very artist friendly- Sandy Landis and her team does great job! I am looking forward to next year already!

– Tesh Parekh