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Game in the park- a plein air watercolor sketch by Tesh Parekh

Game in the park. 9×12. Plein Air watercolor.

This has been a good week- I have been painting everyday! I painted live for the Raleigh City Museum on Friday. We had a Mother’s Day Photo Shoot on Sunday. In the afternoon, I went to the Durant Nature Park. I love this park. It is closer to where we live. It is not the world’s most scenic place! But, it is in my backyard and I love it! Besides, Andrew Wyeth created masterpieces painting his backyard! And he is my hero.

I hiked along the Secret Creek trail. It is a beautiful trail. But, it was too dark to paint on the trail. I did see a portrait photo shoot going on along the trail. Looked to me like the available light was being used for the shoot. As a professional photographer, I always get curious about some of the stuff I see! When the light levels are too low for the naked eyes- can one really get any light on the subjects? I mean I know that fast lenses can help, but, still? May be some folks have magic tricks. I would probably use flash/ strobe- that is my trick. The trail ends near play area. I saw folks playing volleyball and I loved the action and the evening light. So, I sat down there and made this little sketch. I used Strathmore 300 Series sketchbook. I like how this paper handled the paint. Next day I went to Jerry’s Artarama and bought bigger sketch pad. I also bought 400 series paper, but, it handled the paint entirely differently! With watercolors, every painting is a battle- what works today may not work tomorrow! Wind, temperature, humidity, water- they all keep you on your toes!

– Tesh Parekh



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