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Airborne- A Drybrush Watercolor by Raleigh NC Fine Artist

Airborne. 18×24. Drybrush Watercolor on Paper. Artist – Tesh Parekh. www.RaleighWeddingPainter.com. 919-622-5399. email: tesh@teshfineartphoto.com

Airborne. A drybrush watercolor on paper. 18"x24" . Artist - Tesh Parekh

I worked on this painting for a long time! This slow process is in contrast to my live wedding paintings which are executed in a single session. The subject of this painting is the old rocking chair which belonged to my father-in-law Col. James West Hadnot. This drybrush watercolor to me is like Jim’s portrait.

Jim was a World War II veteran. A fighter pilot. Always! And very proud of it. I have spent hours listening to his war stories. In the afternoons, he would sit outside his garage in the rocking chair. With a beer in his hand. Reflecting on the world around him. Many times, he would be surrounded by family and friends. It was fun listening to Jim! He was a master mechanic. Renowned for fixing anything from tiny toys to mighty airplanes.  And airplanes were his life.

Jim passed away in 2007. He had lived a simple life. His passing away wasn’t as simple. Now, his rocking chair sits outside our garage. A daily reminder of Jim.

I painted this watercolor from life. I liked the light and the shadows. The eagle once used to hang on the wall outside Jim’s bedroom. I would setup in my driveway in the afternoon and paint for few minutes while the light lasted. I painted in layers. I started with the washes and then built up the painting with mostly  drybrush watercolor.

– Tesh Parekh



email: tesh@teshfineartphoto.com

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