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Plein Air Painting in Winter at the Durant Nature Park- By Raleigh NC Plein Air Artist

It has been a quiet winter. I have done some studio portrait commission, alla prima and live event painting work, but, not a whole lot of plein air painting. At least not as much as I would like! So when my fellow artist & photographer- Kittie Deemer called me to paint en plein air, I gladly joined her! Kttie had not painted at the Durant Park before, so we decided to paint on the Durant road side. Of course, we ended up near the lake! It was a beautiful morning! Many folks walking and hiking with kids and pets. Mostly friendly folks, except one who mumbled something about the trail being for hiking (so sorry we were taking up part of the trail!). We did watercolors.

Painting below is of my finished watercolor from this morning.


Winter morning- Durant Nature Park (Plein Air Watercolor). Artist- Tesh Parekh

Here is a studio watercolor painting I had done recently from a watercolor sketch. This one is also of the Durant Nature park. It is a different view of the lake. The tree in the foreground may seem like a compositional cliche`, but, it is a truthful depiction of what you see around the lake (see following image).


After the Sun set- Durant Nature Park (based on a Plein Air Watercolor sketch). Artist- Tesh Parekh

Here is my setup with the finished painting.


Plein air painting at the Durant Nature Park in Raleigh. Artist- Tesh Parekh

And here is Kittie working on her watercolor. Kittie had a great time painting and chatting with folks.


Kittie painting. Kittie is an Artist and Photographer.

– Tesh Parekh

Live Wedding and Event painter



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