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Misty watercolor landscape by NC Fine Artist

02 Jun 2016 / in Landscape, Nature, Watercolor

Misty watercolor landscape by NC Fine Artist One from my series of misty watercolor landscape paintings.  Early December in North Carolina. I was at the Durant park. The air was cool and crisp. I could almost taste the mist. Everything seemed so quiet. I know this place well but suddenly everything seemed mysterious! Visibility was […]

Holly Springs Cultural Center is home to my newest paintings of the surrounding area

Holly Springs, NC is a quaint town that is truly that suburb that has it all to be able to call home, but is also not to far from the big city.  I paint in Holly Springs as often as I can and I enjoy the area, no matter what season.  Holly Springs Cultural Center […]

Boats, waterfronts, beach and sand watercolor art by Tesh Parekh

I love painting outdoors and some of my favorite times is Spring and Summer when I can paint anything boats, waterfronts, beach and sand.  There is something majestic about ocean life to me and something soothing as well.  I have a collection to share of some of my favorite paintings that are watercolors.  Let me […]

North Carolina Landscape Drawings by Raleigh Fine Artist

29 Apr 2015 / in Drawing, Landscape, Nature

North Carolina Landscape Drawings I love to draw. I always carry a sketchbook and do line drawings all the time. Lately, I have been enjoying mass drawings, mostly plein air. My favorite place is Durant Nature Park. But, I also draw when I am in Raleigh Downtown. I prefer graphite but also use charcoal. I […]