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Egg Tempera Painting “Flow” by Raleigh Fine Artist

01 Jun 2016 / in Egg Tempera, Interior, Still life

Egg Tempera Painting “Flow” by Raleigh Fine Artist                   I have been interested in Egg Tempera paintings ever since I saw Andrew Wyeth‘s Egg Tempera paintings in his Autobiography. North Carolina Museum of Art has 3 Wyeth tempera paintings. I often visit there to admire Wyeth art in […]

Boats, waterfronts, beach and sand watercolor art by Tesh Parekh

I love painting outdoors and some of my favorite times is Spring and Summer when I can paint anything boats, waterfronts, beach and sand.  There is something majestic about ocean life to me and something soothing as well.  I have a collection to share of some of my favorite paintings that are watercolors.  Let me […]

Watercolor painting of “The Goalkeeper”

18 Jul 2014 / in Painting, Still life, Watercolor

One of the watercolor paintings from the winter. My own backyard. Ian and I had built this snowman. Ian did not like the idea of his snowman melting away. So, I made this picture so he will have good memory of his little friend (I had also taken some photos on my cellphone but I do […]

Raleigh Fine Artist – Fun Watercolor Painting!

Optimus vs Okra. 9x12. Watercolor on paper.

I painted this fun still life recently with my son’s favorite toy and his not-so-favorite okra! Okra was not my favorite when I was a kid! Now I love those either fried or curried. My son and his toys provide me painting ideas. And I do need those on days when I am not able […]

Master copy painting. After Chardin. Hare with Powder Flask and Game Bag. By Raleigh NC Fine Artist.

After Chardin. Hare with Powder Flask and Game Bag. Watercolor and Gouache on paper. 17x14. Artist - Tesh Parekh

I admire the works of Chardin. I hope to learn much from Chardin’s still life paintings. I occasionally copy works of old masters as part of my learning and growth as an artist. This is an old tradition which I hope to continue. Besides, I am unlikely to hunt and use my trophies as still […]

Drybrush Watercolor Painting by Raleigh NC Fine Artist

Driftwood. 21x29. Drybrush watercolor on paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh

One of my largest drybrush paintings. I saw this driftwood on the Hilton Head beach earlier this year. Ideal subject for drybrush painting. I started this painting before Christmas and then got real sick so had to wait almost a week before I could finish it. I used limited palette of just 4-5 colors on […]

Submerged – A watercolor painting by Raleigh NC Fine Artist

02 Dec 2012 / in Painting, Still life, Watercolor

I am fascinated by trees and leaves! Fortunately for me, Durant Nature Park has plenty of both! I love painting there and also making studio paintings of things I observe there. There are layers of leaves in this painting. I painted four or five leaves and let watercolors paint the rest! Most of the fall colors […]

Raleigh Fine Art – “Dry” A Drybrush Watercolor Painting

Drybrush painting of dry brush! I picked up this branch at a playground. My son was playing with his friends and they were throwing it around. I brought it home and kept it in my studio for a long time. One day I picked a 22×30 full sheet of watercolor paper and started this still […]

“The Slave Cabin Door” – A Drybrush Watercolor painting by Raleigh NC Fine Artist

24 Dec 2011 / in Drybrush, Still life, Watercolor

Few months ago, Mica and I had visited Burleigh Plantation in Semora NC. I was fascinated by this place. Many photo and painting possibilities. Few days ago, I did a gouache painting of the plantation quilts on a line. I have entered that painting into Jerry’s Artarama‘s Turner Gouache contest and hope it will win! […]

My new still life painting: “A Matter Of Time”

30 Sep 2009 / in Oil, Painting, Still life

“A Matter of Time”. Oil on Linen. 16×20. Available. I had been working on this still life for awhile. I had done a charcoal study, which I had posted here earlier. I changed few things from the study, but, I like both the charcoal and oil versions. The watches in the painting belonged to my father-in-law. […]

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