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Egg Tempera Painting “Flow” by Raleigh Fine Artist

Egg Tempera Painting “Flow” by Raleigh Fine Artist

"Flow" Egg Tempera painting on panel. 16x20. Artist: Tesh Parekh
“Flow” Egg Tempera painting on panel. 16×20. Artist: Tesh Parekh










I have been interested in Egg Tempera paintings ever since I saw Andrew Wyeth‘s Egg Tempera paintings in his Autobiography. North Carolina Museum of Art has 3 Wyeth tempera paintings. I often visit there to admire Wyeth art in person. Couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to see more of Wyeth tempera and watercolors at Brandywine River Museum of Art. Wyeth never talked much about his technique. Most of what I have learned about Egg Tempera technique is from Robert Vickery’s book. And recently, from watching Colin Fraser video. Apart from the Wyeth inspiration, Egg Tempera appeals to me as an ideal medium for certain subjects.

It has taken me many attempts and failures before I could successfully complete my first Egg Tempera painting. I had to deal with challenges of materials as well as lack of good advice. But, the biggest challenge I faced was my own inability to learn from the medium and my own attempts. Egg Tempera has its own unique qualities: but, it is no different from Oils and Watercolors in many ways. It is not a magical medium. A good painting in Egg Tempera will require all the attributes of a good painting in any other medium. And most important of all, it requires: patience! Being patient when you are learning. Egg tempera does not fit today’s assembly line process of making, publishing and selling paintings. This is also not a “painterly” medium and hence you are unlikely to draw a crowd of spectators wanting to watch you paint!

“Flow” was inspired by the light: both the quality and flow. I was traveling last year with Mica and Ian. We were in the Bryson city. Ian and I were making sketches of each other in that little sketchbook. And Ian had recently started to drink tea (more for the process of making tea than actually drinking it!). Later after Christmas, I started this painting. I spent more than a week working on it. It wasn’t an easy process but, I made it work in the end. At a different level, this painting symbolizes my own flow with my creativity.

Of course, I am planning my next Egg tempera painting already…

Please contact me for purchase inquiries…

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist


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