Myrtle Beach painting in Gouache

I have painted the Myrtle Beach in watercolor before, but this is my first Myrtle Beach painting in Gouache. I love Myrtle beach, so no wonder I love painting it! Couple of years ago, I had made several plein air paintings when I was there (imagine painting watercolors on the beach, few feet away from the splashing waves!). I have sold many of those. This painting was done in studio. I wanted to capture the evening light on those clouds, so, I decided to use gouache. I sometimes use gouache to add little accents to my watercolors. And I also create complete paintings in gouache. Although some artists compare gouache to both oils and watercolors, my experience is different. I also know many purists frown upon using gouache in watercolor paintings. But, all of my favorite artists used gouache: Winslow Homer, Singer Sargent, Andrew Wyeth, Turner, Thomas Moran and the list goes on!

I used off-white paper for this painting. Not the smooth kind that is normally recommended for gouache paintings. The challenge for me when painting in gouache is that, unlike watercolors I lose my drawing quickly and unlike oils, it is harder to “draw” with the paint. So, for me patience is the key when painting in gouache.

If you like my paintings, please know that I also sell prints and licenses.

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist and Live Wedding Painter



Myrtle Beach evening. Gouache on paper.
Myrtle Beach evening. Gouache on paper.

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