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Drybrush Watercolor painting “The Angry Bird” of Mumbai

Lately I have been enjoying creating drybrush watercolor paintings. I find this technique suitable for some of my subjects. Like this house crow of Mumbai. You find crows everywhere in India. When I was a kid, crows seemed big and menacing. Welcome on certain occasions when we offered food to our ancestors. We would throw food on the roof and these creatures were certain to arrive in packs! We could hear their sharp claws and beaks on the roof. Crows were aggressive and uninvited guests when certain food items were left out to dry. And of course, you always find them around piles of garbage. Sometimes fighting with stray cats or dogs over dead rats. Their crowing was nuisance at the siesta time or in the early mornings. But, at other times, it was considered announcement for visitors!

This crow was outside the window of our kitchen in Mumbai. I saw it when I was in Mumbai visiting my family in 2012. I recently made this painting back in my studio. It is a 12×16 drybrush on Arches 300 lb CP watercolor paper. I paint drybrush over both rough and smooth surfaces- both produce different results.

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist & Live Wedding Painter


The Angry Bird. Drybrush Watercolor on paper.
The Angry Bird. Drybrush Watercolor on paper.

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