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Winner announced for my first print giveaway!!!!

Tesh Parekh blog banner ~ winner


Amanda Baxley of Raleigh has won the first giveaway from Tesh Parekh, Artist

Amanda Baxley winner of print

It is funny how the winner of this painting came today to pick up her print ~ the FIRST day of the NC State Fair.  She loves the fair, always has and when she saw this painting for the first time at one of my pop-up gallery showings, she instantly fell in love.  She was one of the very first people to sign up for my newsletter, and when it came time to pull the name for the first giveaway, when I saw her name in my hand (we did the drawing the old fashioned way), I was so excited.  Amanda would ask me about the painting every time she saw me and she was just couldn’t believe it when we called her to tell her she had won.  She, like many others, probably thought that never in a million years would she win, but she did.  She enjoys getting my newsletter via email, just once a month, that showcases the beautiful work that I get to paint each day.  You as well can subscribe for my newsletter HERE and maybe you will win a print when we draw in December.  Well, time for me to get back at it ~ I can’t wait to show you what I have been working on for the past two weeks!


State Fair by Tesh Parekh
State Fair by Tesh Parekh

Above is the original piece that the print was made from ~ the original is available for sale.  Please contact me at tesh@teshfineartphoto.com for more information on the print.

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