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Plein Air Paintings of North Carolina Autumn by Raleigh NC Fine Artist

Plein Air Paintings of North Carolina Autumn. 2014 was a good year for plein air painting. I had continued painting en plein air, well into November. Of course, late in the year, weather can be a challenge. So, I had to prepare well to paint outdoors. Paintings posted here were painted mostly at the Durant […]

Winner announced for my first print giveaway!!!!

THE WINNER IS ANNOUNCED!!!! Amanda Baxley of Raleigh has won the first giveaway from Tesh Parekh, Artist It is funny how the winner of this painting came today to pick up her print ~ the FIRST day of the NC State Fair.  She loves the fair, always has and when she saw this painting for […]

Myrtle Beach painting in Gouache

23 Jul 2014 / in Gouache, Landscape

I have painted the Myrtle Beach in watercolor before, but this is my first Myrtle Beach painting in Gouache. I love Myrtle beach, so no wonder I love painting it! Couple of years ago, I had made several plein air paintings when I was there (imagine painting watercolors on the beach, few feet away from […]

Master copy painting. After Chardin. Hare with Powder Flask and Game Bag. By Raleigh NC Fine Artist.

After Chardin. Hare with Powder Flask and Game Bag. Watercolor and Gouache on paper. 17x14. Artist - Tesh Parekh

I admire the works of Chardin. I hope to learn much from Chardin’s still life paintings. I occasionally copy works of old masters as part of my learning and growth as an artist. This is an old tradition which I hope to continue. Besides, I am unlikely to hunt and use my trophies as still […]

Raleigh Downtown at Christmas – A watercolor painting by NC Fine Artist

Raleigh Downtown at Christmas. 14x21. Watercolor and Gouache on paper.

This is the view of Raleigh Downtown from NC State Capitol. Painted on a tinted paper with both watercolor and gouache. Gouache was used for creating lights and accents in the painting. This is one of my several paintings of Raleigh downtown. I often paint there en plein air. I did a sketch yesterday evening […]

Secret Creek Autumn – A gouache panting by Raleigh NC fine artist

Secret Creek Autumn. Gouache on paper. 21x14. Artist - Tesh Parekh
06 Dec 2012 / in Gouache, Landscape, Painting

This painting was inspired by Thomas Moran! Thomas Moran is one of my favorite artists. I am amazed by his watercolor and gouache paintings. His oil landscapes are simply beautiful! One of his oil landscape is in the collection of NC Museum of Art. Sadly, NC Museum of Art does not have a single watercolor […]

Honorable mentions for my 2 gouache paintings! – Raleigh Fine Artist

09 Jan 2012 / in Event, Gouache, Watercolor

Two of my recent paintings have won honorable mentions in Jerry’s Artarama‘s Turner Gouache Contest. Originals and prints are available!    Both are gouache paintings but painted differently. “Quilts” was painted in many session using many washes and layers. I painted “NC State Fair 2011” in single session. I am thankful to Jerry’s for their […]

Watercolor and Gouache Paintings – Raleigh NC Fine Artist

02 Jan 2012 / in Gouache, Painting, Watercolor

I finally had the opportunity to photograph my latest paintings of 2011. Although I haven’t counted the number of paintings, I believe I have painted more in 2011. Many plein air paintings, sketches, live wedding and event paintings, portrait commissions and paintings done in the studio. I continued to paint in both oils and watercolors. […]

“Beaufort Sunset” and “Been there” win honorable mention

19 Feb 2010 / in Gouache, Landscape, Painting

Beaufort Sunset. Gouache. 20″x16″.  Available. This painting has received honorable mention in Jerry’s Artarama’s Turner contest. I paint in both transparent watercolors and gouache. I sometimes use gouache for accents in my transparent watercolor paintings. Although gouache is considered to be similar to transparent watercolors when thinned, I do not agree with that. In my […]

Fall Plein Air paintings

These are some of my new fall plein air paintings, executed in different media: watercolor, gouache, and oil. “Plein Air” means painted outdoors. I like to paint just about anywhere. Someday I will be able to travel and paint. But, now I am enjoying painting locally. I often paint at Durant nature park in my […]

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