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Watercolor paintings of Mumbai CST and Day Laborers

Watercolor paintings of Mumbai

Mumbai offers an incredible array of subjects to paint. Seascapes, cityscapes, figures and so on. In “Mumbai CST” I wanted to capture glorious architecture of the bustling train station. I plan to pain entire building one day. “Day Laborers of Mumbai” captures daily grind and reality of many in this hot and humid place. These are studio paintings. Imagine painting en plein air in Mumbai! It is on my list! Meanwhile, I am enjoying plein air painting season here in North Carolina. I was in Fuquay-Varina past weekend for the annual Paint-off. I will b in Southport, NC this weekend and will continue printouts for couple of more weeks.

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist


Mumbai CST. 12x16 watercolor on paper.
Mumbai CST. 12×16 watercolor on paper.
Day Laborers of Mumbai. 21x14 watercolor on paper.
Day Laborers of Mumbai. 21×14 watercolor on paper.

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