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Painting Commission of Home by Raleigh Fine Artist

Fleming Home Commission. Watercolor on paper. 11x14. Artist - Tesh Parekh
Fleming Home Commission. Watercolor on paper. 11×14. Artist – Tesh Parekh

A client recently commissioned me to paint this portrait of her childhood home. This will be a gift to her mother. I worked from the photos. When painting buildings, my goal is to make a painting and not architectural rendering. I want to capture the likeness and character of the place but do not want to make it a boring rendering! I created composition from the reference images. I kept important details but changed couple of things to make an interesting portrait. I provided work-in-progress images to the client. I am quite happy with the finished painting.

A painting like this can make a great gift! I accept commissions for wedding paintings, and portraits of people, pets, places and just about anything that can be important to you! I can also make digital print of the finished painting so that family members can enjoy it! I also sell digital image for use in holiday/ thank you cards.

Happy Holidays!

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist and Wedding Painter


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