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Raleigh Watercolor paintings by NC Fine artist

Raleigh Watercolor Paintings

My latest studio watercolor paintings of Raleigh. I have aimed to capture seasons and light in my paintings. I wanted to paint the “Mami Nora‘s” smoke against the early spring background. I also like Mami Nora’s delicious food and colorful building. “Railroad to Raleigh” is a view from the Boylan Bridge. From late Fall. “Capitol Morning” is from late winter morning. I liked the morning light and shadows. I used a new brand of paper- Moulin Du Roy. 140lb Rough surface. The surface is quite rough. Great for quick and impressionistic effects. “Snowbound” is a painting of my own street. February snow. I was walking home after taking Ian to his friend’s house. I liked those tire tracks in the snow.

I will be painting more cityscapes and seascapes this weekend in Kinston NC and Beaufort NC. Both are hosting plein air paint outs. I can’t wait….

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist


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Mami Nora's. Watercolor on paper. 10.5x14
Mami Nora’s. Watercolor on paper. 10.5×14
Railroad to Raleigh. Watercolor painting on paper. 21.5x14
Railroad to Raleigh. Watercolor painting on paper. 21.5×14
capitol Morning. 14x21. Watercolor painting on paper
Capitol Morning. 14×21. Watercolor painting on paper
Snowbound. Watercolor painting on paper. 21x14
Snowbound. Watercolor painting on paper. 21×14

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