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North Carolina Landscape Drawings by Raleigh Fine Artist

North Carolina Landscape Drawings

I love to draw. I always carry a sketchbook and do line drawings all the time. Lately, I have been enjoying mass drawings, mostly plein air. My favorite place is Durant Nature Park. But, I also draw when I am in Raleigh Downtown. I prefer graphite but also use charcoal. I will be posting pages from sketchbook sometime. Here are couple of finished studio drawings. I wanted to capture North Carolina winter landscape in monochrome. “Waiting for the Spring” was inspired by a spot with exciting texture. When I saw it, everything was dry. Bare tree, and dried vines everywhere. It took a while to figure out how I was going to capture all of that. “Roots” was inspired by tree roots along the Secret Creek. There are quite a few exposed tree roots along this creek.

Both the drawings are on Arches 140 lb HP paper. This is a lovely paper. I use Stonehenge paper for plein air graphite drawings and Strathmore paper for plein air charcoal drawings.

This year I will be working on few landscape oil paintings in my studio. My inspiration for landscape paintings is works of Thomas Moran. I admire his oils and watercolors. One of his beautiful paintings is in the North Carolina Museum of Art.

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist


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Waiting for the spring. 11x14.25 Drawing. Graphite on paper.
Waiting for the Spring. 11×14.25 Drawing. Graphite on paper.
Roots. 10x14 Drawing. Graphite on paper.
Roots. 10×14 Drawing. Graphite on paper.

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