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Wedding painting at St. Mary’s Chapel

Leigh and Tony. 16×12 Watercolor. Painted live at St. Mary’s Chapel in Raleigh, NC.

This is my latest wedding painting. I was working with Cara Zuehlke of A Southern Soiree. St. Mary’s Chapel is beautiful. It reminded me of All Saints Chapel where I had done a wedding painting earlier.The chapel was decorated beautifully, both inside and outside (if I had time, I would have painted outside as well!).

I arrived 90 minutes before the ceremony. The spot where I could setup my easel was between the last pew and the heating unit. I had to keep twisting for two hours to look at what I was painting and to reach my watercolor block and painting supplies! At this time of the season, it gets dark quickly. So, the only source of light was the overhead indoor lights: beautiful, but not bright enough for painting. Getting accurate tone and color temperature was not easy! But, that is the fun of painting on location!

When you look at any wedding scene, mere thought of painting so many details, and people can be terrifying. I like to plan ahead, say my prayers and then dive-in! I do my work with complete faith. At one point, I felt I was not going to have enough time to finish the painting. Talk about the stress! But, I am also a professional photographer (www.iwpphotography.com) and familiar with the stress! So, I kept on painting! I work quickly and the only thing important to me is capturing the romance of bride and groom uniting in front of their beloved family and friends. It is a beautiful thing!

I completed the painting few minutes after the ceremony was over. I photographed it, framed it and delivered to Cara in time for the reception. The reception was at Hotel Umstead.

I had the opportunity to meet Rev. Barbara Lodge (www.ncweddingminister.com) and Anne Duncan (St. Mary’s). Nice ladies- I look forward to working with them again.

If you are interested in commissioning me for this unique service, please email me at: tesh_photo@yahoo.com (this makes a great gift to bride and groom!). You can see my work online at: teshparekhart.com

– Tesh Parekh




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