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Raleigh Fine Art – “Dry” A Drybrush Watercolor Painting

“Dry”. 22×30. Drybrush Watercolor on paper.

Drybrush painting of dry brush! I picked up this branch at a playground. My son was playing with his friends and they were throwing it around. I brought it home and kept it in my studio for a long time. One day I picked a 22×30 full sheet of watercolor paper and started this still life painting. I worked on it for many days. At night I will set it up on my kitchen table and paint. I started this painting as kinda double portrait of  tree branch and  watering can. As I continued to paint, nothing changed with the still life. But, things happened that gave personal meaning to this painting. May be it is a portrait of one of the hottest summer. Or things that fail. You fail sometime and carry that burden with you. May be it is a self-portrait 2012…

– Tesh Parekh


email: tesh@teshfineartphoto.com


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