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2016 NC State Fair: my juried paintings

2016 NC State Fair: my juried paintings

NC State Fair is our family favorite! Have visited it many many times, and have taken Ian every year since he was a baby. I have also painted en plein air at the fair. But, it has been awhile since I had entered my paintings into NC State Fair’s Professional Juried competition.  So, I decided to enter this year. I entered two oil paintings- both were juried in and are currently on display during the fair at the Kerr Scott building.

“Carolina Beach Day” was inspired by one of our family trips to the Carolina Beach. I loved the clouds, colorful umbrellas and crowds enjoying the beach day. I used stretched linen. Although I buy pre-primed linen, I apply additional coats of ground. That is something I have learned from studying master artist Richard Schmid. Richard recommends using Lead Ground. I use it every now and then, but, it is a hassle to use it since I have small home studio space. So, I also use Gamblin’s Titanium Ground. I have also used Lead Ground from Natural Pigments and Williamsburg. Both are good. But, toxicity, especially when working at home is always a concern. So, I may also try Williamsburg’s Titanium Ground. I know- not the same thing as Lead, but, will work for me. Preparing my support this way is important for me as I do not use solvents. I had bought solvents and mediums hoping those will magically improve my paintings! Well, that did not work. All I got was headaches from using those. So, I am happy keeping things solvent free. I have to occassionally use little bit of Gamsol or Turpentine when I apply ground. But, I do that in the garage, so, I suffer less. Schmid uses Mineral Spirits, Turpentine and Painting medium, and uses Mineral Spirits to clean brushes while painting. This doesn’t work foe me, as even Gamsol bothers me. So, I use nothing but Linseed Oil to apply a very thin couch prior to painting, and also to clean brushes. Or I just wipe the brushes with paper towels as I go. I may write another blog once I have tried all the different grounds. If you have any questions, please contact me.

“Free Range” painting is of Brothers Farm in La Grange NC. I had painted there during Kinston’s Annual Paint Out. That painting- “Lenoir County” is currently with Kinston CCA. I loved the farm and plan to create more paintings. In “Free Range”, I was able to capture the light and the mood of a North Carolina farm. As I write this, Kinston was recently flooded during Hurricane Matthew.  I am hoping that life will soon return back to normal there. And I look forward to painting there next year.

If you visit the fair, please check out my paintings in the professional section…

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist


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Carolina Beach Day. Oil painting on linen. 11x14.
Carolina Beach Day. Oil painting on linen. 11×14.
Free Range. Oil painting on linen. 16x20.
Free Range. Oil painting on linen. 16×20.

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