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Event Painting for Triangle Wine Experience and ISES

Triangle Wine Experience 2010.  Watercolor. 11×14.  

Triangle Wine Experience 2010. Watercolor. 11x14.

The Raleigh-GT chapter of ISES, in Raleigh, NC,  put together a great event for the Frankie Lemmon Foundation called Triangle Wine Experience on February 6, 2010. The Foundation invited me to paint live for the charity auction. The ISES team created a beautiful ballroom, full of fabulous wine, food and friends.   As usual, my challenge was indoor lighting: not enough light, color temperature of the available light and shadows on my setup! I snapped couple of photos to show how dark it was inside the venue. The first one below shows my easel in the right hand corner at the bottom. The next image shows completed painting: the light on my painting is from my hand-held off-camera flash. 

Maybe I should eat more carrots! Thankfully, I was helped by videographer’s light during the initial stages. He did a time-lapsed recording of my painting- I hope to see it! 

I picked 11×14 format due to the schedule. I used Archies Hot Pressed block. It is good to paint on different surfaces. Each one has different characteristic. 

I love painting at Weddings and Events because I love painting from life. It also challenges me to find solutions for problems I face with location painting. I am never satisfied with the final result- that is a reason good enough for me to keep painting. 

It was good to see all my friends from ISES. I thank all who stopped by and shared kind words. Someday, I will carry portable lighting (in addition to easel, backpack, portfolio to carry paper and framing supplies, camera bag…). 

Well, I am off to eat some carrots- see you at the next event! 

– Tesh Parekh 

I accept commissions for studio and live paintings… 



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