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Paintings from Thanksgiving trip

I had the opportunity to take a little painting trip to mountains this Thanksgiving. Our friends Karen and Richard Atkin were kind enough to be our host. They have a mountain cabin in Fleetwood, right on the New River. I did these three watercolor paintings Plein Air (outdoors) and couple of other sketches. What I will remember about these paintings is how cold it was when I was painting! Each painting took at least two hours, not to mention the time I spent walking around with my gear, looking for a good spot! And when you stand in one place painting, it does not help! When I was doing the last painting, it was really windy: I would hear the wind coming around bend in the river. It sounded like a train. Painting outdoors, the difficult time to paint, especially with watercolors, is when it is windy.

I absolutely love painting outdoors. For me, painting is all about the complete experience. It is like meeting someone in person. That is one of the reasons, I am learning to do portraits from life. Painting from reference materials is nice, but, it does not compare with painting from life.

When I got back to town, I had opening reception of my Plein Air exhibition at Cary Gallery of Artists. My Plain air work will be on display there for December. Yesterday, I did a live wedding painting at St. Mary’s Chapel in Raleigh. I will be posting that on my blog.

– Tesh Parekh

My art is online at: www.teshparekh.com

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