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Live Event Painting for the Triangle Wine Experience- a video

When I paint live at weddings and events, I sometimes photograph my setup and work-in-progress paintings. But, I do not get the opportunity to capture my painting process on video. For past two years, I have done live event painting for the Triangle Wine Experience. Last year, Island Sound DJ’s & Video created a time-lapsed video as I painted. I finally got the opportunity to upload it:


As you will notice, the interior was pretty dark! Not to mention that people were in constant motion! When painting live, I do not take photos for the reference. So, I have to make many sketches and I have to sketch quickly. My latest live wedding painting commission was for a first dance. I had less than 2 minutes to sketch the bride and groom as they danced, surrounded by friends and family!

I now carry my own light for indoor location work. I have also made further changes to my easel. The traditional oil painting easel just does not work for watercolors. I had modified my old french easel, but, it still was not easy to use. Recently, I just took it apart and sorta redesigned it. Hopefully, it will inspire to paint more! The wedding painting commissions that I have completed so far were in oil. I have another watercolor commission coming up soon…

– Tesh Parekh

Wedding Painter

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