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Wedding painting at Haywood Hall

Lindsey and Jon. Live wedding painting. Watercolor. 12×16. I did this painting on Saturday at the Haywood Hall. This was an outdoor wedding so weather was a factor: rain was in forecast! It did look as if it was going to rain. And wind blew hard every now and then. But, when you paint outdoors, you are like the couple uniting: you are in lap of the God! You say your prayers and take the plunge with utter faith! I did this painting sitting down in the dirt. I am not a painter in Tuxedo! As I painted, ants climbed into my easel. And wind blew leaves and dust into my palette. It all mixed into my paints and is now part of Lindsey and Jon’s painting…

– Tesh Parekh


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  1. Hello Renee,

    Thank you for your inquiry. There are couple of ways: either I can come to the wedding and paint during the ceremony (if I am available on your wedding day) or I can do a painting in my studio from reference photos of your wedding.

    When I paint on location, I use watercolors and the completed painting is ready and framed soon after the ceremony, for display at the reception! I use either watercolors or oils for studio paintings.

    When is your wedding?

    You may find my 2009 commission prices on my website: http://www.teshparekh.com If your wedding is in 2010, I will email you the price-list.

    Thank you!

    – Tesh

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