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Wedding Painting of Jenny and Kory at Edenton Street UMC in Raleigh – by North Carolina Live Wedding Painter

My latest live wedding painting: Jenny & Kory. Edenton Street UMC in Raleigh. 12″x16″ watercolor.

Jenny & Kory - Live Wedding Painting. Watercolor. 12"x16". Artist- Tesh Parekh

This is one of the longest live watercolor wedding painting I have done! Edenton Street UMC is a beautiful Church. I was fascinated by the details and I wanted to get all of that in my painting.

This was my second live wedding painting for A Southern Soiree wedding. Last July, I had painted Rod and Amy Brind’Amour’s wedding. That was a watercolor painting as well. I have done live oil commissions earlier this year. And I look forward to other watercolor commissions later this year.

The ceremony was scheduled at 5 PM. Thanks to Megan Gillikin of A Southern Soiree, I was well prepared! I arrived at the Church at 2 PM. I had visited the Church earlier and already decided to paint from the balcony. I setup and got right to work. As you can see from the ceremony photo below, it was dark in the balcony (the camera capturing the ceremony belongs to Heart Stone Films)!

Wedding Painting in progress during the ceremony. Artist- Tesh Parekh

I was glad to have my video LED light (below) with me!

Pencil sketch for the live wedding painting. Artist- Tesh Parekh

I like to keep the composition simple and clear. I did a pencil sketch (above) and then toned the paper. I kept working on the painting as much as possible, before the ceremony started. It was just magical! Working alone in the magnificent Church. Praying and painting at the same time!

Once the guests started to arrive, it was time for me to do some pencil sketches for reference. Although I snapped some images, those were more for security than any real use. I did several pencil sketches during the ceremony. I would say rather feverishly! You see, folks do not pose for me during the ceremony, which lasts only few minutes! Everything is in constant motion. And I love my pencil sketches as much as I love my finished paintings. There is purity and freshness in those pencil sketches. A very first-hand impression of what I am witnessing. One of these days, I am going to post my reference sketches on this blog.

Once the ceremony was over, I started working on the painting again. This time, using one of my pencil sketch as a reference.

After a while, I decided to finish the painting outdoors. I did not plan to paint at the Umstead, where the reception was. So, I parked in a McDonald’s parking lot. And continued to paint in the front seat as a storm gathered overhead! By the time I was finished with the painting, it was pouring! Somehow, I manged to photograph and frame my painting.

I met Megan at the Umstead. We presented the painting to Jenny and Kory. It was priceless to see Jenny and Kory’s reaction! Shane Snider photographed this moment and I look forward to seeing some of those images!

I headed out in the storm to meet my family for dinner. I used Holbein watercolor paints and Winsor & Newton brushes. The paper was Arches 140 lb CP.

– Tesh Parekh

Live Wedding and Event Painter



email: tesh@teshfineartphoto.com

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  1. Tesh,

    Kory and I absolutely LOVE the painting! It turned out better than we could’ve ever imagined! This painting will undoubtedly be the most treasured piece of art in our home. We cannot thank you enough!

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