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Misty watercolor landscape by NC Fine Artist

Misty watercolor landscape by NC Fine Artist

One from my series of misty watercolor landscape paintings.  Early December in North Carolina. I was at the Durant park. The air was cool and crisp. I could almost taste the mist. Everything seemed so quiet. I know this place well but suddenly everything seemed mysterious! Visibility was low but I could see the fallen leaves on the ground as I walked around. Those looked clean and wet. Walking around was like walking in a dream. Everything looked so different. Mostly monochromatic with few color accents here and there, When I painted this landscape, keeping everything soft was a challenge. I worked in multiple layers to achieve the right values.

My latest watercolor paintings are departure from my usual style. I am really interested in exploring my medium to the fullest. I study Victorian artists for clues. Again, my aim is to find tools and techniques that help me convey the story I want to paint. Does mixing Chinese white help? Mix it. How about Gum arabic? Or Titanium white? Just do what it takes! I know purists, societies and exhibition committees frown upon these practices. But, so what? It is just a painting.

"Lower Lake Mist". Misty Landscape painting. Watercolor painting on paper. 13x19.
“Lower Lake Mist”. Watercolor painting on paper. 13×19.










– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist


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