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Philadelphia paintings

Philadelphia paintings

I have been doing a series of Philadelphia paintings and these are two from last year. From my trips to this beautiful city couple of years ago. Although I had been there few times in the past, this time I had opportunity to visit downtown and see amazing architecture of historic buildings. I was there with my family and we all enjoyed our short stay. We had stayed close to the City Hall so I got to admire it everyday. In fact, I could see it from the hotel window.

I often paint cityscapes and streetscapes. I live in a City so this is an obvious subject for me to paint. The tall building offer many verticals. And then there is movement- cars and people are always on the go. And a place like Philadelphia also offers interesting architecture. And sometimes, the light and shadows create interesting patterns.

I have planned more paintings of Philadelphia. And I would love to return there may be for a longer period.

I recently returned from my trip to New York city and look forward to creating a series of paintings from that trip…

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist


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"Philadelphia City Hall". Watercolor painting on paper. 19x13. Philadelphia paintings
“Philadelphia City Hall”. Watercolor painting on paper. 19×13. Available.
"City Hall Afternoon, Philadelphia". Watercolor painting on paper. 19x13. Available. Philadelphia paintings.
“City Hall Afternoon, Philadelphia”. Watercolor painting on paper. 19×13. Available.

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