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Galax VA Painting – Galax Morning

Galax VA Painting – Galax Morning

I was in Galax VA over a year ago for Chestnut Creek School of the Arts plein air paint out. The paint out was hosted by Mt. Vale Vineyards. I had completed 3 paintings and also sold one. This painting was done recently in my studio. I had seen this beautiful morning view while driving to the Vineyard. Early fall morning with cool air and cattle grazing in the fields. Clouds lit by rising Sun. Very picturesque. I used 300 lb paper for this painting. Saunders Waterford, I think. What I remember about the paint out is that it got very cold and it was very very windy. Studio piece was much easier to paint but plein air paintings were more fun.

We are already having warm days here in North Carolina. This limits my outdoor painting. But, I have been sketching regularly and one of my major focus is painting figures and portraits. I may also make a trip to New York city. This will be a family trip, so, no plan to do any plein air work in NY. But, I will have my sketchbook and camera, so, I hope to bring back enough reference material to do studio paintings. I would love to visit NY someday soon, just to paint…

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist


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Gala VA Painting - "Galax Morning". 14x18. Watercolor on paper. Available.
“Galax Morning”. 14×18. Watercolor on paper. Available.

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