Holiday Commissions by Raleigh Fine Artist

Holiday season will be here soon! Original art & commissions make unique and special gifts! Get a head start on your Holiday shopping!

I am accepting commissions for People, Pets, Homes, Landscape and anything that will enhance your Holiday season and walls!

I also have original art and prints available- please check out my Facebook page here.

Please contact me!

– Tesh Parekh

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Watercolor Paintings for UNCONDITIONAL

Watercolor Paintings for UNCONDITIONAL

My paintings for the ArtSource Art exhibition benefiting the Second Chance Pet Adoptions.

This triptych will be on display for sale, April 11th-13th at the ArtSource in Raleigh NC. The UNCONDITIONAL art exhibit explores the unique bond between humans and pets.

If you are a pet-lover or art-lover, you will enjoy this event.

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist

Fetch # 1. Watercolor painting on paper. 9x12.
Fetch # 1. Watercolor painting on paper. 9×12.
Fetch # 2. Watercolor painting on paper. 9x12.
Fetch # 2. Watercolor painting on paper. 9×12.
Fetch # 3. Watercolor painting on paper. 9x12.
Fetch # 3. Watercolor painting on paper. 9×12.

Watercolor painting “On the Edge” by Raleigh NC Fine Artist

Watercolor painting of Durant nature park. I was there painting yesterday and finished a 22×30 plein air watercolor. This painting was done in the studio. I saw this deer one day. Limping along the edge of woods. I love this park. Very quiet. I see new things to paint whenever I visit (it is not very far from where I live). Seasons provide me inspirations for painting the same subjects differently. Everything is lush green at this time of the year. I see deers many times when I am there. I used 300 lb watercolor paper for this painting. I use this paper sometimes for plein air work too. There is a benefit of using the same materials for every painting- you can concentrate entirely on the subject. But, my experience is that this limits the subjects I paint and techniques I use to convey stories. Watercolor painting allows me to work quickly when working en plein air. And when working in the studio, I can slowly paint some of my subjects. I can do dry brushing, for example. And using different papers, paints and brushes help me.

I have been painting more than before and having a good time doing so! New for me this year is going to be painting on larger scale more often. I paint half sheets when painting on location and paint half or full sheet when in studio. I will be painting full sheet watercolors on location. What I like about painting on this scale on location is that, it allows me to learn the brush work. Studio work on any scale can be slower and I can get bogged down in details and in creating finished work. Work done on location is different. I have limited time to capture what I am after. So, I have to work quickly and find ways to paint details using visual language. I use bigger brushes when painting this way. I have also pared down my setup so I can carry everything when I am wandering around the woods. While I have always wanted to paint on bigger scale en plein air, I was more enthused by my recent trip to the Brandywine River museum. Andrew Wyeth has always been my hero and this was the first time when I got to see his watercolors in person. I was amazed at the scale of his paintings- both egg tempera and watercolors. I also got to see some of the paintings that I have never seen online or in printed media before. I am also a fan of N.C. Wyeth and other artists of his era and so enjoyed looking at those paintings as well. I really loved works of Howard Pyle, William T. Richards and Dean Cornwell (one painting- badly crackled but beautiful). I did not get to see some the Andrew Wyeth drybrush paintings which I have always wanted to see. But, that may be a good reason to visit there again!

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist and Live Wedding Painter


On the edge. Watercolor painting on paper.
On the edge. Watercolor painting on paper.

Departed- a watercolor painting by Raleigh NC artist

Departed. 15×22. Watercolor on Fabriano 300 lb HP paper.

Some painting ideas are like a splinter under your skin! This one came to me when my wife was in a hospital several years ago. From the hospital room window, I could see a helicopter sitting on top of a building. originally, I wanted to somehow include it in the painting, but, then dropped the idea. It would make the painting too busy.

To me, painting is a visual language. And I am still learning. So, it has taken me this long to finally make the painting. In between, I made quick pencil sketches while visiting some folks at hospitals. Last month, I made little more detailed pencil sketches when my wife was in hospital again. I wanted to paint on the spot. But, hospitals aren’t an easy place for that sort of thing! The final painting is done from a combination of my sketches, memory and imagination. It took me a while to find the right composition, too. And of course, the influence of Andrew Wyeth is obvious. Someday, I will master the medium of watercolors the way he did.

I know it is not a pretty painting. Certainly not the kind anyone will want to hang over mantle! But, it is a truthful depiction of my emotions. When you are sitting alone in a hospital room, watching your loved one, it is not always a happy feeling…

– Tesh Parekh



Watercolor painting for Safe Haven for Cats: “Waiting”

 “Waiting”. 8×10. Watercolor. Available for purchase via Safe Haven for Cats live auction. This is the painting I just did for the auction. I used my friend Courtney Banko’s beautiful image as a reference. Earlier I had done two more paintings from her images. Those were for the SPCA auction on Oct 4. I like the cat in the painting but what got me interested was also the texture of those wooden boards. I had a good time doing this painting. Here is the link to live auction info.:

I hope you will buy this painting and support Safe Haven for Cats. 

You can see more of my art on my website:

– Tesh Parekh

Charcoal Drawing for Triangle SPCA

This is an 8×10 Charcoal drawing I have done for the Triangle SPCA- “Looking Out”. The previous watercolor was- “Looking Back”. Both will be available for purchase via SPCA acution on October 4. Thank you Courtney Banko for providing reference image. Courtney Banko’s photos are works of art by themselves! Here is the link to SPCA event: I hope you purchase these pieces and support SPCA.

Painting for Triangle SPCA

This is an 8×10 watercolor painting I have done for the Triangle SPCA. It will be available for purchase via SPCA acution on October 4. Courtney Banko provided the beautiful reference photo. I may do one more painting. As I commented to Courtney, both Artists and Animals are in need of patrons! Here is the link to SPCA event: