Southport Plein Aire Paintout

I traveled to Southport,NC  this weekend to participate in their semi-annual Paint Out.  We arrived in Southport on Friday evening, a few minutes after 6pm.  We went to a lovely reception and met a few friend, and then I went off to paint while my family explored the area.  I found a spot in the marina where I could paint these boats, and it was a beautiful sunset…….

Morning came quickly and so did the gnats!  I went back to my spot from the night before and found that there was more to capture.  

The afternoon came quickly, but I was able to complete one other painting before lunch and sketch my last painting of the day.

The sale started at 3pm, and we sold all 4 paintings that I did in the Paint Out.  I was thrilled to have so many new faces stop by but also to connect with other artists that I have known for years and new artists as well.  It was a very well organized event and I am very thankfulto Cindy Brochure for putting this event on in such a beautiful place.

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