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Plein Air Watercolor Paintings and Sketches – Raleigh NC Fine Artist

I am catching up on posting my finished paintings of 2011! Here are my plein air watercolor paintings and sketches. I am enjoying painting on locations. Helps me when I have live wedding painting commissions! Originals and prints are available. Enjoy…

– Tesh Parekh

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Don Cesar Hotel. 10x14 plein air watercolor on paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh. Last year, I did photography and video assignment for the Lotus Survival Foundation. The foundation's first retreat for the breast cancer survivors was in St. Petersburg, Florida. I worked most of the time, but, managed this sketch one evening. I loved the golden sand and the beautiful building. I hope to do a live wedding painting there someday soon...


Raleigh Rickshaws. 12x9 plein air watercolor on paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh. I started this piece as a pencil sketch and finished in the studio from memory.


Joyner Park afternoon. 10x14 plein air watercolor on paper. Joyner Park in Wake Forest is my favorite location for portrait sessions. A plein air painting this time. I liked the light of the day.


Kites, Lake Crabtree. 10x13 plein air watercolor on paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh. I was looking for something to paint. I walked around the Lake Crabtree park and couldn't settle on anything to paint. It was really windy too! I was tired when I saw people flying kites. I loved kites when I was a kid. I have done several paintings of kites. I grabbed what I could find in my car, and made this sketch.


NC State Capitol- view from New Bern Plaza. 11x13 plein air watercolor on paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh. You can't paint Raleigh Downtown without painting the NC State Capitol!


The Wishing Tree. 9x12 pencil drawing on paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh. Few weeks ago, Mica and I had photographed a family at the Shelly Lake. We liked this tree and captured several images around it. Later, I returned to make a pencil sketch. It is a reference sketch for one of the paintings I am working on. I liked using very sharp pencil on a smooth surface. I love to draw.


Castaway. 10x15 plein air watercolor on paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh. My last plein air piece of 2011! Another windy and chilly evening! I had seen this lonely tree couple of times before. It was a little bit of hike to get to it. I travelled light and was happy to finally paint it.


Upper Lake Evening. 10x15 plein air watercolor on paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh. Painting en plein air is like learning a visual language. You have to find ways to paint things quickly. I like how I could abstract distant foliage. Quite different from painting every little detail. Watercolor is amazing that way.


Still Thirsty. 9x12 plein air watercolor on paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh. Another favorite from last year. I started this sketch while the light was fading. I had very little time. I finished the painting in my studio. I like how I was able to capture the light. This is my third painting of this tree! My first one was a plein air watercolor and the second one was a plein air oil.


Evening shadows. 11x14 Plein Air watercolor on paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh. One more of my Durant park paintings. I liked the light and shadows on leaves on the ground,


NC State Capitol- from the Bicentennial Plaza. 10x14 Plein Air watercolor. Artist - Tesh Parekh. One of my favorites from the last year! I was visiting one of the museums prior to a corporate event photography assignment. I liked the fall colors and the beautiful light, It was really windy, so, I painted this standing and holding my sketchbook.


Pine Knoll Shores morning, 9x11 Plein Air watercolor on paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh. I did photography sessions on the beach last summer. I painted this in the morning in the blinding Sun! I also did an oil painting of Pine Knoll Shores (After The Storms) in my studio.


Sandling Beach, Falls Lake. 9x11 Plain Air Watercolor. Artist - Tesh Parekh. Sandling Beach was busy over the Memorial Day weekend! I managed to start this sketch while playing with Ian. Finished in my studio later, to add few details.


Homestead Christmas Tree 2011. 12x16 Alla Prima watercolor on paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh. I did this alla prima painting during my recent visit to the Homestead resort in Hot Springs VA. I worked on this painting for couple of nights. I hate to use the masking and did not want to use Gouache, so, I painted around all the trimmings. Lesson in the patience! I hope to do a live wedding painting at this beautiful venue.


Fletcher Park. 9x12 Plein Air watercolor on paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh. This is my second plein air sketch of the Fletcher Park in Raleigh. I painted it first for Local Color Raleigh's (Art Gallery) Plein Air Competition. It was cold when I did this sketch. And windy.


Lower Lake Afternoon. 9x12 Plein Air Watercolor on paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh. I did this sketch in 2010 but did not publish it earlier. As you may have noticed, Durant Nature Park in Raleigh is one of my favorite locations to paint! What I like about this place is more trees and less people...


Rain and Raleigh Downtown. 14x5 Plein Air Watercolor. Artist - Tesh Parekh. What can be more fun than painting a watercolor when it is raining?! It started to rain while I was in the middle of sketching. I stayed under a tree and continued to paint. That is the Museum of Natural Sciences...

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