Wedding Painting- Wendy & Steven

Wendy & Steven. Watercolor. 11×14. This is a wedding painting of Wendy & Steven. I love doing wedding & event paintings. I paint on location as well as in studio. Location paintings are done from life, without the aid of any reference material. I usually arrive an hour before ceremony. I find the best location to paint from and finish preliminary drawing and painting before the ceremony starts. The challenge is painting bride & groom with the wedding party, as well as some of the attendees! There is not much time, so, I have to work quickly. But, this is what makes painting on location so special and it gives the painting a unique fresh look.It takes me few minutes after the ceremony to complete the painting. I immediately frame the painting and it is ready for display at the reception!

If you are a bride and are interested in capturing your special day in work of art, please contact me. If you are already married (congratulations!), I accept commissions for studio work. I also accept commissions for portraits. I have 2009 pricing on my website: I will be updating the website for 2010 prices.

I work with wedding & event planners.

– Tesh Parekh

My art is online at:

Wedding painting at Haywood Hall

Lindsey and Jon. Live wedding painting. Watercolor. 12×16. I did this painting on Saturday at the Haywood Hall. This was an outdoor wedding so weather was a factor: rain was in forecast! It did look as if it was going to rain. And wind blew hard every now and then. But, when you paint outdoors, you are like the couple uniting: you are in lap of the God! You say your prayers and take the plunge with utter faith! I did this painting sitting down in the dirt. I am not a painter in Tuxedo! As I painted, ants climbed into my easel. And wind blew leaves and dust into my palette. It all mixed into my paints and is now part of Lindsey and Jon’s painting…

– Tesh Parekh

Wedding painting at All Saints Chapel in Raleigh

Katie and Richie. Watercolor. 12×16. Alla Prima. I did this watercolor painting  on the spot at All Saints Chapel in Raleigh. It is a beautiful church and it was a beautiful wedding. I decided to  use watercolor since it allows me to work quickly and I like  the spontaneous look of the finished painting. This was a surprise for the bride. I was working with Tracy Adams of Adams & Events. I arrived before the ceremony and decided to paint from the balcony. There are quite a few challenges with doing a live event painting. But, that’s what gets me out there painting.

– Tesh Parekh

Derby Day Paintings

Here are the two paintings I did for the Derby Day. Both are 12×16 watercolors. Photos are courtsey of Davis Turner (Davis Turner Photography, I am planning on participating in Casa Savilla Studio’s Au Natural painting exhibition. As a part of this exhibition, I may do painting(s) from life on June 14. Please contact Karine Thoresen ( for more details.

Derby Day Watercolor # 2
Derby Day Watercolor #1

Event painting for NC Museum of Art Contemporaries fund raiser

I was invited to do event paintings for NC Museum of Art Contemporaries fund raiser- Derby Day 2009. The event was on Saturday (May 2) at the Solas restaurant. It was a great event with everyone dressed up for the Derby Day. I had a great time doing two watercolor paintings. Plein Air or Alla Prima painting, especially with people as the subject, can be a challenge. I had just finished a two day Plein Air painting event in Kinston. So, I was prepared! It took me around an hour to complete the paintings. Here is a picture of me working on my first painting:

Event painting for the Derby Day

 I will be posting images of the actual paintings as those become available. Kinston paint out was fun as well. I met nice folks from the Onslow Outdoor Painters Society (OOPS). I will be posting images of those paintings here as well as on my website: