My paintings in Halle Cultural Arts Center’s “A Sense of Place” Juried exhibition

It has been busy last few days! Although I have not been able to paint much, I have been really busy promoting my Wedding & Event paintings. My wife and I own IWP Photography ( We had a booth at Forever Bridal Show for both photography and painting. I received lot of interest in the Wedding paintings and so we will be including that as a part of our wedding packages. If someone already has a photographer (too bad!) or already married (congratulations!), I will accept commission for live or studio paintings. If you are not familiar with my Wedding and Event paintings, I have earlier blogs which I had posted on some of my paintings. I also have samples on my website:

This month I am working on couple of studio commissions- a large family group portrait and a wedding painting. I am also planning on entering couple of competitions.

My two plein air watercolor paintings have been accepted into Halle Cultural Arts Center’s “A Sense of Place” Juried exhibition (Apex). The first painting is “Fall evening, Cary” and the second painting is “State Capitol, Raleigh”. Different cities, different downtowns and different views!  Both were painted on location. “State Capitol, Raleigh” was also juried into 2009 NC State Fair. I had written about that painting earlier. I painted “Fall evening, Cary” on Academy Street after my shift at Cary Gallery of Artists where I am a member. I love the view of Academy street from Chatham. The street is always busy with traffic and cars parked on the side. The church adds the visual interest. I may paint there again. What I remember about that painting is the clean crisp fall air, with traffic passing by as I painted. There were some passerby, but not as many as when I painted “State Capitol, Raleigh”. Opening reception is on January 15.

Both paintings are available for purchase.

– Tesh Parekh

Paintings from Thanksgiving trip

I had the opportunity to take a little painting trip to mountains this Thanksgiving. Our friends Karen and Richard Atkin were kind enough to be our host. They have a mountain cabin in Fleetwood, right on the New River. I did these three watercolor paintings Plein Air (outdoors) and couple of other sketches. What I will remember about these paintings is how cold it was when I was painting! Each painting took at least two hours, not to mention the time I spent walking around with my gear, looking for a good spot! And when you stand in one place painting, it does not help! When I was doing the last painting, it was really windy: I would hear the wind coming around bend in the river. It sounded like a train. Painting outdoors, the difficult time to paint, especially with watercolors, is when it is windy.

I absolutely love painting outdoors. For me, painting is all about the complete experience. It is like meeting someone in person. That is one of the reasons, I am learning to do portraits from life. Painting from reference materials is nice, but, it does not compare with painting from life.

When I got back to town, I had opening reception of my Plein Air exhibition at Cary Gallery of Artists. My Plain air work will be on display there for December. Yesterday, I did a live wedding painting at St. Mary’s Chapel in Raleigh. I will be posting that on my blog.

– Tesh Parekh

My art is online at:

Exhibition of my Plein Air paintings at Cary Gallery of Artists

Fall music. 12×16. Watercolor.

I will be the featured artist at Cary Gallery of Artists ( in December. I will be exhibiting my Plein Air oil and watercolor paintings. My new work includes “Fall Music”. I saw this young man playing guitar at the boat house of Durant nature park. I first did his pencil sketch and then this watercolor. I have also done new oil paintings. I recently bought a pochade box and have been using it for oils outdoors. It is much lighter to carry than the French easel. My latest oil painting was with the Paint NC group at Prairie Ridge- I did a painting of my fellow artist Winnie Ferguson.

I had people ask me if I teach painting. I currently do not teach. However, if you have any questions on painting, I will be glad to answer those. Also, if you would like to paint with me, please contact me. I paint outdoors frequently, but, do not have a set schedule.

My opening reception at Cary Gallery of Artists will be on November 27 (Friday) 6 PM- 9 PM. The reception is open to everyone. Light refreshments will be provided. Cary Gallery of Artists is located at 200 S. Academy Street (inside Ashworth Village).

See you then!

– Tesh Parekh

Fall Plein Air paintings

These are some of my new fall plein air paintings, executed in different media: watercolor, gouache, and oil. “Plein Air” means painted outdoors. I like to paint just about anywhere. Someday I will be able to travel and paint. But, now I am enjoying painting locally. I often paint at Durant nature park in my neighborhood. It is amazing how many new things I see, every time I am out there (thank you Andrew Wyeth for teaching me how to see)! I have simplified my oil painting setup, so, I am able to execute more oil paintings outdoors. I am learning the oil palette of master artist Richard Schmid. As for watercolors, the master artist I follow is Joseph Zbukvic. Both do phenomenal work.

These paintings are available framed. Please click on the images for more information.

– Tesh Parekh

My art is online at:

Plein Air painting with Paint NC group

Prairie Ridge trail. Watercolor (Plein Air). 12×16. Available.

I was recently invited by my fellow artist Jean Scholz to join triangle Plein Air group- Paint North Carolina. If you are interested in Plein Air painting, I highly recommend that you join this group or paint with them. Please visit for more information. If you are not familiar with “Plein Air”, it simply means painting outdoors. You can use any medium and tools to paint outdoors. I use both watercolors and oils, but, seem to be doing more watercolors than oils. Mostly because I find watercolors to be more portable (I can carry some in my pocket!). I am working on simplifying my oil painting tools so I can do more oil paintings outdoors. This image is of my first painting with Paint NC group. The location was Prairie Ridge. This was also my first time painting at Prairie Ridge: it is a beautiful location. I loved this trail and although it was a warm day, decided to paint in the sun. As I was painting, a grasshopper decided to seat on my watercolor block and refused to move! This painting is on the display for sale at Wake Forest Art & Frame.

Update on Feb 5, 2010: this painting, along with “Winnie Sketching” is on the display at the Nature Gallery at Museum of Natural Sciences (Raleigh, NC). Both paintings are part of the Paint NC show at the museum. The show features paintings done at the Prairie Ridge.  “Winnie Sketching” is also featured on the poster for the show.

Tesh Parekh

Portraits,Wedding & Event Paintings, Landscape, Still Life and more…

My art is online at:

Exhibition of my oil paintings and watercolors at Wake Forest Art & Frame

Beth Massey of Wake Forest Art & Frame ( is hosting my second exhibition of oil paintings and watercolors (thank you, Beth!). “Pullen Park” is part of this exhibition. 12″x16″. Watercolor. Plein Air. Available. I did this painting few days ago. It was a beautiful evening. I love Pullen Park: it is always busy and I feel so much energy there. I have also done photo shoots there. Paddle boats were constantly moving, so, I had to paint this one from the memory. When I am painting outdoors, kids always like to stop by and comment on my work (they are brutally honest, too)! That is what makes Plein Air work so much enjoyable and unique. When I look at my Plein Air paintings, I remember not only the scene, but, the whole experience. Like the pastor who fell down while trying to stop his bicycle to see my work, or the grasshopper which stubbornly sat on my watercolor as I painted!

The opening reception is tomorrow from 5 PM – 9 PM and is open to everyone: I hope you will stop by (paintings will be on display through October).

– Tesh Parekh