Wedding painting at All Saints Chapel in Raleigh

Katie and Richie. Watercolor. 12×16. Alla Prima. I did this watercolor painting  on the spot at All Saints Chapel in Raleigh. It is a beautiful church and it was a beautiful wedding. I decided to  use watercolor since it allows me to work quickly and I like  the spontaneous look of the finished painting. This was a surprise for the bride. I was working with Tracy Adams of Adams & Events. I arrived before the ceremony and decided to paint from the balcony. There are quite a few challenges with doing a live event painting. But, that’s what gets me out there painting.

– Tesh Parekh

Watercolor painting for Safe Haven for Cats: “Waiting”

 “Waiting”. 8×10. Watercolor. Available for purchase via Safe Haven for Cats live auction. This is the painting I just did for the auction. I used my friend Courtney Banko’s beautiful image as a reference. Earlier I had done two more paintings from her images. Those were for the SPCA auction on Oct 4. I like the cat in the painting but what got me interested was also the texture of those wooden boards. I had a good time doing this painting. Here is the link to live auction info.:

I hope you will buy this painting and support Safe Haven for Cats. 

You can see more of my art on my website:

– Tesh Parekh

My new still life painting: “A Matter Of Time”

“A Matter of Time”. Oil on Linen. 16×20. Available. I had been working on this still life for awhile. I had done a charcoal study, which I had posted here earlier. I changed few things from the study, but, I like both the charcoal and oil versions. The watches in the painting belonged to my father-in-law. The watches and the whole painting have personal meaning for me. I created the dramatic lighting by having the setup inside a box. I finished other paintings (mostly watercolors) after I started this project, while this huge box sat in my small studio, waiting for the painting to happen. Available. Check out my other painting on this blog and on my website:

– Tesh Parekh

My new watercolor painting: Suddenly…

This is my latest watercolor painting: “Suddenly…”. I have this beautiful plant hanging above the breakfast table. Sometimes the dry leaves fall on the table. I saw this little pile of picked wilted and dry leaves and it got me thinking about how events sometimes unfold. There is a little sadness in the painting but also the hope: new leaves will come. It took me couple of days (rather nights) to finish the painting. As I painted, the leaves kept wilting and drying further, while changing their shapes…

Exhibition of my Plein Air watercolors at Wake Forest Coffee Company







“State Capitol, Raleigh” (12×16, Watercolor)  is one of my Plein Air watercolors on display at the Wake Forest Coffee Company (  I completed this painting just few days ago. I started the painting kind of late, after circling the downtown few times, looking for a good spot to paint. The light was fading fast, so, I had to work faster than normal! By the time I was finished, street lights had come on. This is the view from Fayetteville Street. Painting in watercolors always leaves me with the feeling of wanting to paint more…

“Only way to meet now…” watercolor painting

Only Way to Meet Now

When I go outdoors, little things get my attention. Like leaves in fall- floating on the water and touching the reflection of trees. Or a lonely leaf caught in a bare branch. Every season tells a different story. I sold this watercolor painting today. Thank you for your patronage, Barbara Tobis.