Backseat painting: pages from my sketchbook

One of the joys of being both a father and an artist is being able to draw and paint my son. Of course, he is active even when he is sleeping! So, I have to wait for the right moment to capture his precious childhood. I made quite a few sketches of him when he was a new baby. Mostly, becuase he slept a lot! I recently did this watercolor sketch when we were driving around to go to a pumpkin patch, and he had fallen alseep in his car seat. Of course, my wife was driving and I was in the backseat. I used a watercolor pen to do this sketch and it was quite fun! In the past, I have done his pencil, charcoal and even ballpoint pen sketches in the backseat of a moving car, but, this is my first watercolor sketch. I guess if I quit backseat driving, I will be able to paint more…

– Tesh Parekh

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Watercolor painting for Safe Haven for Cats: “Waiting”

 “Waiting”. 8×10. Watercolor. Available for purchase via Safe Haven for Cats live auction. This is the painting I just did for the auction. I used my friend Courtney Banko’s beautiful image as a reference. Earlier I had done two more paintings from her images. Those were for the SPCA auction on Oct 4. I like the cat in the painting but what got me interested was also the texture of those wooden boards. I had a good time doing this painting. Here is the link to live auction info.:

I hope you will buy this painting and support Safe Haven for Cats. 

You can see more of my art on my website:

– Tesh Parekh

Charcoal Drawing for Triangle SPCA

This is an 8×10 Charcoal drawing I have done for the Triangle SPCA- “Looking Out”. The previous watercolor was- “Looking Back”. Both will be available for purchase via SPCA acution on October 4. Thank you Courtney Banko for providing reference image. Courtney Banko’s photos are works of art by themselves! Here is the link to SPCA event: I hope you purchase these pieces and support SPCA.

Painting for Triangle SPCA

This is an 8×10 watercolor painting I have done for the Triangle SPCA. It will be available for purchase via SPCA acution on October 4. Courtney Banko provided the beautiful reference photo. I may do one more painting. As I commented to Courtney, both Artists and Animals are in need of patrons! Here is the link to SPCA event:

Jerry’s Artarama’s Charvin contest

“Redhead” and “Still life with Camera” are my two paintings which received Honorable mention in Jerry’s Artarama’s Charvin contest. Both were painted on linen with a limited palette. I painted both in a traditional manner. These paintings are currently in Jerry’s online gallery: