Live Event Painting for the Triangle Wine Experience- a video

Tesh Parekh- wedding painter. Live event painting for Triangle Wine Experience 2010.

When I paint live at weddings and events, I sometimes photograph my setup and work-in-progress paintings. But, I do not get the opportunity to capture my painting process on video. For past two years, I have done live event painting for the Triangle Wine Experience. Last year, Island Sound DJ’s & Video created a time-lapsed video as I painted. I finally got the opportunity to upload it:

As you will notice, the interior was pretty dark! Not to mention that people were in constant motion! When painting live, I do not take photos for the reference. So, I have to make many sketches and I have to sketch quickly. My latest live wedding painting commission was for a first dance. I had less than 2 minutes to sketch the bride and groom as they danced, surrounded by friends and family!

I now carry my own light for indoor location work. I have also made further changes to my easel. The traditional oil painting easel just does not work for watercolors. I had modified my old french easel, but, it still was not easy to use. Recently, I just took it apart and sorta redesigned it. Hopefully, it will inspire to paint more! The wedding painting commissions that I have completed so far were in oil. I have another watercolor commission coming up soon…

– Tesh Parekh

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Memorial Day 2010- An original oil painting by Tesh Parekh

Memorial Day 2010. 16×20. Oil on linen.

I did this painting for Jerry’s Artarama’s Lukas paint competition. I had done one painting earlier for this competition “The Cloud”. It is currently on the display for sale at Cary Gallery of Artists.

I love the way evening light falls through front door of our home. My son Ian loves to stand there and watch the world outside. Originally I wanted to do his watercolor painting. So, I did a pencil sketch couple of days ago. The weather has been cloudy for last few days, so I could not make an exact sketch of what I wanted to paint. I also had paintings due for Jerry’s as well as North Hills competitions. I did a Plein Air watercolor for North Hills last week (see my earlier post). I wanted to do an oil as well, but, couldn’t get out to paint (North Hills competition is Plein air). So, I decided to work on at least one more painting for Jerry’s.

The painting was due today. And when I was being run over by the day yesterday, I finally saw the sunlight! I tried having Ian pose the way I wanted. Hmmm… Try that with a two-year old! So, I gave up and snapped few photos to use as reference.

I used linen as a support. Although I paint on both canvas and linen (sometimes on board), I prefer linen. Lukas paints are different from other brands I use. Those are all good paints and I enjoy discovering characteristics of each brand. I started to paint at 10:30 PM and stayed up to finish it this morning at 2 AM. When I was finished, I didn’t care if I will win anything. I enjoyed my little painting. One thing was certain: I will have dozen brushes to wash next day and Ian will be up in the morning! He did get up at 3 AM! And I still have brushed to wash!

Ian’s middle name is West. His grandfather was James West Hadnot. A fine fighter pilot and Col. in the US air force. World War II veteran. Today, when I remember him (he passed away in 2007), I remember many war stories he had shared with me. Some of those can make hair on your arms stand up. And here I was. Worried about little things. I had a very upsetting and bizarre incident involving one of my professional photography clients yesterday. Kept me busy all day. I couldn’t stop thinking about it as I painted. And there are some fine folks who are sacrificing their lives for this country. There is no secret message in my painting. It is a little painting done on the Memorial day. May be Ian will grow up to be like Col. James West Hadnot.

– Tesh Parekh