Secret Creek Autumn. Gouache on paper. 21x14. Artist - Tesh Parekh
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Secret Creek Autumn – A gouache panting by Raleigh NC fine artist

Secret Creek Autumn. Gouache on paper. 21x14. Artist - Tesh Parekh
Secret Creek Autumn. Gouache on paper. 21×14. Artist – Tesh Parekh

This painting was inspired by Thomas Moran! Thomas Moran is one of my favorite artists. I am amazed by his watercolor and gouache paintings. His oil landscapes are simply beautiful! One of his oil landscape is in the collection of NC Museum of Art. Sadly, NC Museum of Art does not have a single watercolor painting, of any artist! I am hoping that will change one day soon. I would love to see watercolors of Sargent, Homer, Wyeth, Moran, Turner or Victorian masters in NC Museum of Art.

This painting is of Secret Creek. Durant Nature Park in Raleigh. I saw this view at dusk few days ago. I wanted to capture fall colors and decided to use Gouache. I have made Gouache paintings in the past and have to admit that it is not an easy medium to control! But, there is a benefit to studying works of master like Moran as compared to watching DVDs that claim to teach you “How to paint Watercolors in two days” or “How to paint trees” and so on! So, I worked patiently through some early disasters and mistakes. I started with a drawing on tinted paper. I soon lost the drawing under the layers of opaque paint. I recovered some of that from wiping the paint off. But, most of the drawing was achieved with paints. I am happy with the result. I consider this to be one of my best Gouache paintings.

Next painting awaits on my easel…

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist and Live Wedding Painter

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