Raleigh Fine Artist – Raleigh Winter Cityscape painting in VAE’s Primary show

My winter cityscape of Raleigh – “Winter Evening, Raleigh” is part of Visual Art Exchange‘s “Primary” show. This 21×14 watercolor on paper is a moody atmospheric painting of Raleigh Downtown. Winter blues! I thought it was appropriate choice for this show. The show opens on First Friday.

I am hoping to travel to the coast in next few days. So, it will be time for plein air painting on the beach and studio work when I am back. Last year, I painted quite a few plein air pieces while “vacationing” in Myrtle Beach. Have already sold some of those.

This year I have been traveling for live wedding painting commissions. My next commission will be in South Boston, VA. I look forward to it!

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist and Live Wedding Painter


Raleigh Downtown in Winter. 21x14. Watercolor on paper.
Winter Evening, Raleigh. 21×14. Watercolor on paper.

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