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Snow painting of Charlotte NC

Snow painting of Charlotte North Carolina. I was in Charlotte earlier this year. Right before the Valentine’s day. You may remember the major snow and ice system we had on the East Coast! The bad weather had lasted  for couple of days. I almost got snowed in but was fortunate to get home in time. I made this painting day before the heavy snow. I was in Charlotte Downtown (or Uptown). I love this part of Charlotte. Always busy with the activity. And I love painting cityscapes as much as I love painting landscapes and other subjects. It was around lunch time when the snow started falling. The early snow made streets and pavements wet and slowed down the traffic some. Snow makes everything peaceful! I did not have my painting supplies with me. So, I made this painting back at the hotel where I was staying. I painted this on 300 lb CP watercolor paper. So, it has different look compared to my plein air watercolors that are usually done on the 140 lb rough paper.

It snowed heavily next day but I was already on my way home. The snow shut everything down for couple of days. Ian enjoyed the snow days and I got more material for more paintings of snow!

I enjoy painting variety of subjects. And using variety of materials helps me develop different techniques to capture these subjects. Keeps thing interesting. I was in Philadelphia and Annapolis few days ago and look forward to painting both cityscapes and seascapes. And back home, I am enjoying painting nature. Trees and landscapes and little stories. I have also done a series of paintings of Mumbai, India and my beloved hometown of Amreli. Stay tuned for those paintings…

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist & Live Wedding Painter


Charlotte snow. Watercolor painting on paper.
Charlotte snow. Watercolor painting on paper.

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