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Watercolor painting “Little Sledder” by Raleigh NC Fine Artist

Watercolor painting of my son Ian pulling his sled after a winter storm. Earlier this year we got quite a bit of snow. Little unusual for this area, and as always it brought everything to a standstill! I was traveling to Charlotte and had made it home just in time. Ian loves the snow now, although he was not a fan when he was little. Snow days, snowball fights, making snow angels, hot chocolate, TV, and sledding- what is not to like?! He had fun sledding on his little snow disc. Climb up the street and slide down. And repeat. Only if I had his energy!

One of the change I am looking forward to this year is painting en plein air during the winter. I have painted in the snow before but not much. I always have perfectly good excuses to convince myself that it is not a good idea. Weather. Holidays. And so on. What I like about winter is that it simplifies everything in a landscape. Most tree are bare. Leaves are all on the ground. And when snow covers everything,  it simplifies the landscape even more. This is a real contrast to the rich landscape of other seasons here in North Carolina.

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist and Live Wedding Painter


Little Sledder. Watercolor painting on paper.
Little Sledder. Watercolor painting on paper.

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