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I hope you are having an amazing Holiday season! If you keep up with my art (thank you!), you may have noticed that I have been painting more and more. I have done number of watercolors (and some oils) in studio and plein air. Not to mention the sketches which I normally do not  publish due to the volume (I do those to hone my skills). I have sold quite a few paintings, prints and usage rights this year. I am thankful to all my collectors, art patrons and supporters.

As an artist, my first priority is to paint! So, I do not always get to update my website, blog and other online portfolios with my latest finished paintings. However, I normally post updates on my current work. If you will like to stay connected, there are many ways to keep up with my latest work:

My fine art website: (you can subscribe to my newsletter to receive monthly updates and invites to special events)

My Blog:

My Live Wedding painting website:

Fine Art Facebook page: (new fans and likes are always welcome!)

My Live Wedding painting Facebook page:  (new fans and likes are always welcome!)

Instagram: teshparekh

Twitter: @teshparekh




YouTube: my new video channel will be coming in next few months!

I have probably missed out some social media sites but I am sure that you will be able to stay connected at one of the sites listed above!

Here is one of my latest studio painting that is in the progress:

Raleigh Autumn. Watercolor on paper. Work-in-progress. 22x30.
Raleigh Autumn. Watercolor on paper. Work-in-progress. 22×30.

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist

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