North Hills Plein Air competition

This is my watercolor “North Hills fountains- III”. It is my first plein air painting done at night. It was painted as a part of North Hills Plein Air competition and received first place in the “Spirit of North Hills” category. I had done two more paintings of other North Hills fountains, one each in oil and watercolor. I sold the oil painting to Mura Sushi restarurant.

Joining Cary Gallery of Artists

I have been accepted into Cary Gallery of Artists (CGA). I signed the contract yesterday evening. Cary Gallery of Artists is located at 200 Academy Street in Cary. This is an exciting news for me: I get to paint even more! I am also talking to another gallery and plan to apply to Artspace. I will be hanging my art at CGA on August 19 for the opening on August 20. I will be working at the gallery once or twice every month. I will also be at some of the Final Friday receptions. Please stop by!

I also have couple of other shows planned. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the continuous support of my family, friends and fellow artists. Thank you, all!

Raleigh Rose Garden- Plein Air painting

Plein Air Watercolor painting

Do you believe in angels? When I was setting up to start this painting, an angel came by in her wheelchair. She told me that she was an artist once. She never imagined that she would be in an accident and lose use of her hands. She cannot paint as much now. I was busy setting up and thought of her chatter as a little distraction. I completed most of the painting on location, before a storm came over. When I was driving back, I realized that God had sent me His angel to let me know that I am doing His work, and that He paints through me. What an honor! I must paint. I finished the painting at home, sitting on my kitchen floor. The fountain was painted from the memory.

My first sold out show in Kinston

I had done four paintings as a part of Kinston CCA’s Plein Air paint out: two watercolors and two oils. All four were sold! A big thank you to Nikki Litts and Sandy Landis of Kinston CCA. Here are the images of all the paintings.

The titles and mediums are: Gordon Street (Watercolor), Red Door (Oil), Queen Street (Oil) and Queen Street Church (Watercolor). I had done a watercolor and oil each on everyday of the event. I normally like to do a watercolor first, followed by an oil. Watercolor allows me to work fast and capture the light and mood of the location. It currently takes me couple of hours to complete a 12×16 Plein Air watercolor painting. As for oils, I prefer to do Plein Air/ Alla Prima paintings on smoother canvases. For Kinston event, I did not have those so it was difficult for me to move the paint around! It takes me around three hours to complete a 14×18 oil painting. I have two of my Paint Out Plein Air paintings on display for sale at Local Color in Raleigh ( My next Plein Air painting event is on June 7 in Chapel Hill. This event is hosted by Chapel Hill artist Kimberly Alvis. Please visit her website for more details:

Derby Day Paintings

Here are the two paintings I did for the Derby Day. Both are 12×16 watercolors. Photos are courtsey of Davis Turner (Davis Turner Photography, I am planning on participating in Casa Savilla Studio’s Au Natural painting exhibition. As a part of this exhibition, I may do painting(s) from life on June 14. Please contact Karine Thoresen ( for more details.

Derby Day Watercolor # 2
Derby Day Watercolor #1

Event painting for NC Museum of Art Contemporaries fund raiser

I was invited to do event paintings for NC Museum of Art Contemporaries fund raiser- Derby Day 2009. The event was on Saturday (May 2) at the Solas restaurant. It was a great event with everyone dressed up for the Derby Day. I had a great time doing two watercolor paintings. Plein Air or Alla Prima painting, especially with people as the subject, can be a challenge. I had just finished a two day Plein Air painting event in Kinston. So, I was prepared! It took me around an hour to complete the paintings. Here is a picture of me working on my first painting:

Event painting for the Derby Day

 I will be posting images of the actual paintings as those become available. Kinston paint out was fun as well. I met nice folks from the Onslow Outdoor Painters Society (OOPS). I will be posting images of those paintings here as well as on my website: