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Watercolor paintings of Mumbai CST and Day Laborers

Watercolor paintings of Mumbai Mumbai offers an incredible array of subjects to paint. Seascapes, cityscapes, figures and so on. In “Mumbai CST” I wanted to capture glorious architecture of the bustling train station. I plan to pain entire building one day. “Day Laborers of Mumbai” captures daily grind and reality of many in this hot…

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Drybrush Watercolor painting “The Angry Bird” of Mumbai

Lately I have been enjoying creating drybrush watercolor paintings. I find this technique suitable for some of my subjects. Like this house crow of Mumbai. You find crows everywhere in India. When I was a kid, crows seemed big and menacing. Welcome on certain occasions when we offered food to our ancestors. We would throw food on…

Mumbai Watercolor paintings by Raleigh Fine Artist
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Mumbai Watercolor paintings by Raleigh Fine Artist

This is a familiar view from the Churchgate area of Mumbai. The Oval Maidan (ground) is popular for cricket and other sports. When I stopped by during my recent Mumbai trip, it was empty except for those birds! I like the English architecture of Bombay High Court and Rajabai Tower in the background. Business district…