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Raleigh Rose Garden- Plein Air painting

04 Aug 2009 / in Alla Prima, Plein Air, Watercolor
Plein Air Watercolor painting

Plein Air Watercolor painting

Do you believe in angels? When I was setting up to start this painting, an angel came by in her wheelchair. She told me that she was an artist once. She never imagined that she would be in an accident and lose use of her hands. She cannot paint as much now. I was busy setting up and thought of her chatter as a little distraction. I completed most of the painting on location, before a storm came over. When I was driving back, I realized that God had sent me His angel to let me know that I am doing His work, and that He paints through me. What an honor! I must paint. I finished the painting at home, sitting on my kitchen floor. The fountain was painted from the memory.

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