Easter mist over Raleigh. 11x21. Watercolor on paper.
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Raleigh Fine Artist – Easter Mist Over Raleigh watercolor painting

Easter mist over Raleigh. 11×21. Watercolor on paper.

I love painting cityscapes. The aerial view of Raleigh is one of my favorites to paint. I saw this view on Easter. It had been raining and was misty. I painted this in my studio. This is one of the two paintings I plan to enter into Visual Art Exchange’s annual Scope exhibition. The painting is mostly abstract. There is no way I will paint thousands of homes, building, trees, streets, cars and everything else that is part of this view! I let water do most of the work. Wasn’t easy but I had to keep working until I could achieve the effect I was after.

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist and Live Event Painter


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