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Wilmington Paintings

Wilmington Paintings Recent Wilmington Paintings. I love Wilmington! I use every opportunity to visit there! I also like to make a stop there when I go to Southport or one of the beaches. These paintings were executed en plein air as well as in the studio. Continuing my tradition of painting on the water street, […]

North Carolina Landscape Drawings by Raleigh Fine Artist

29 Apr 2015 / in Drawing, Landscape, Nature

North Carolina Landscape Drawings I love to draw. I always carry a sketchbook and do line drawings all the time. Lately, I have been enjoying mass drawings, mostly plein air. My favorite place is Durant Nature Park. But, I also draw when I am in Raleigh Downtown. I prefer graphite but also use charcoal. I […]

Raleigh Watercolor paintings by NC Fine artist

Raleigh Watercolor Paintings My latest studio watercolor paintings of Raleigh. I have aimed to capture seasons and light in my paintings. I wanted to paint the “Mami Nora‘s” smoke against the early spring background. I also like Mami Nora’s delicious food and colorful building. “Railroad to Raleigh” is a view from the Boylan Bridge. From […]

Watercolor paintings of India

05 Dec 2014 / in Cityscape, Drybrush, Watercolor

Watercolor paintings of India. These are the paintings of my hometown of Amreli. This was the place where I was born and where I grew up. I have not visited Amreli for many years (couple of decades to be exact). My brother and sister now live in Mumbai and they often travel there with my Dad. We […]

Southport NC Plein Air Watercolor Paintings

Southport NC Plein Air Watercolor Paintings. Earlier this year, I was in Southport NC for the international paint out. Southport is one of my favorite places to paint. The town hosts plein air paint outs twice a year.  This gives artists opportunity to paint this beautiful place. The paint out was followed by a wet […]

Plein Air painting at the State Fair

So, I have finally done it- plein air painting at the State Fair! And it was as much fun as taking my 6 y/o son Ian to the fair. I have been to the fair for many years and we have taken Ian every year. He loves the fair! I had always wanted to paint at […]

Plein Air painting in Galax VA

I was in Galax VA few weeks ago for the Mt. Vale Vineyard plein air paint out. The paint out was to benefit Chestnut Creek School of Arts. This was my first time visiting beautiful Galax VA. The view from the winery is simply breathtaking! I met and painted with many new artists. This was […]

Staying connected with my art

28 Nov 2014 / in Event

I hope you are having an amazing Holiday season! If you keep up with my art (thank you!), you may have noticed that I have been painting more and more. I have done number of watercolors (and some oils) in studio and plein air. Not to mention the sketches which I normally do not  publish […]

Raleigh Downtown En Plein Air

I love painting cityscapes as much as I love painting landscapes and seascapes. I have painted Raleigh both en plain air and also in my studio. This is a small sketch I had down awhile ago. The downtown was decorated for holidays. And I loved the evening light. I always have my sketching supplies with […]

Wilmington En Plein Air by Raleigh NC Artist

Another favorite place of mine! Wilmington. The Cape Fear riverfront is always busy with activity. You can paint the boats. Or people. Or both. Not to mention historic homes. Of course, when the evening light is fading, you have to quickly find your subject. I was there with my artist friend Bernie Rosage Jr. We […]

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