Holly Springs Cultural Center is home to my newest paintings of the surrounding area

Holly Springs, NC is a quaint town that is truly that suburb that has it all to be able to call home, but is also not to far from the big city.  I paint in Holly Springs as often as I can and I enjoy the area, no matter what season.  Holly Springs Cultural Center has been so kind to display my work, and will house it there  until the end of the month.  There are a lot of things that attracted me to the area, and you can see that through my watercolors of the area.  Also, I have hung several of my most favorite paintings for you to view in oil and watercolor from my own collection.  All are for sale and all can have prints made of them as well.  Whenever you visit the Holly Springs Library, think of just taking a few minutes to peruse my work!


Flag of Lodge #115, Holly Springs, NC. 11x14. Watercolor on paper
Flag of Lodge #115, Holly Springs, NC. 11×14. Watercolor on paper
Mims House, Holly Springs, NC. 9x12. Watercolor on paper
Mims House, Holly Springs, NC. 9×12. Watercolor on paper

North Carolina Landscape Drawings by Raleigh Fine Artist

North Carolina Landscape Drawings

I love to draw. I always carry a sketchbook and do line drawings all the time. Lately, I have been enjoying mass drawings, mostly plein air. My favorite place is Durant Nature Park. But, I also draw when I am in Raleigh Downtown. I prefer graphite but also use charcoal. I will be posting pages from sketchbook sometime. Here are couple of finished studio drawings. I wanted to capture North Carolina winter landscape in monochrome. “Waiting for the Spring” was inspired by a spot with exciting texture. When I saw it, everything was dry. Bare tree, and dried vines everywhere. It took a while to figure out how I was going to capture all of that. “Roots” was inspired by tree roots along the Secret Creek. There are quite a few exposed tree roots along this creek.

Both the drawings are on Arches 140 lb HP paper. This is a lovely paper. I use Stonehenge paper for plein air graphite drawings and Strathmore paper for plein air charcoal drawings.

This year I will be working on few landscape oil paintings in my studio. My inspiration for landscape paintings is works of Thomas Moran. I admire his oils and watercolors. One of his beautiful paintings is in the North Carolina Museum of Art.

– Tesh Parekh

Fine Artist


Please contact me to purchase Originals, Prints and Licensing Rights

Waiting for the spring. 11x14.25 Drawing. Graphite on paper.
Waiting for the Spring. 11×14.25 Drawing. Graphite on paper.
Roots. 10x14 Drawing. Graphite on paper.
Roots. 10×14 Drawing. Graphite on paper.

Southport Plein Aire Paintout

I traveled to Southport,NC  this weekend to participate in their semi-annual Paint Out.  We arrived in Southport on Friday evening, a few minutes after 6pm.  We went to a lovely reception and met a few friend, and then I went off to paint while my family explored the area.  I found a spot in the marina where I could paint these boats, and it was a beautiful sunset…….

Morning came quickly and so did the gnats!  I went back to my spot from the night before and found that there was more to capture.  

The afternoon came quickly, but I was able to complete one other painting before lunch and sketch my last painting of the day.

The sale started at 3pm, and we sold all 4 paintings that I did in the Paint Out.  I was thrilled to have so many new faces stop by but also to connect with other artists that I have known for years and new artists as well.  It was a very well organized event and I am very thankfulto Cindy Brochure for putting this event on in such a beautiful place.

A Landscape Painting in Oil- “After The Storm, Pine Knoll Shores” by North Carolina Fine Artist

“After The Storm, Pine Knoll Shores”. Available. Oil on Linen. 20″x30″. Artist – Tesh Parekh

"After The Storm, Pine Knoll Shores". Oil on Linen. 20"x30". Artist - Tesh Parekh

I worked on this painting for a long time. That is quite a change from my live wedding paintings in watercolor and oil. Those commissions are completed on the same day. I also painted this during busy time of wedding photography and wedding painting commissions. There are some pictures which you have to make!

I experienced this beautiful scene during one of my recent trips to North Carolina’s beautiful coast. I had just finished photographing a family portrait session on the Pine Knoll Shores beach. The session was threatened by quick-moving storms. We stayed with our plan and were lucky to get the beautiful light. Normally, I prefer to paint from life. But, I had no time and carried no painting equipment due to the rain. So, I snapped some photos. I used the photos as a reference but, most of the painting is my interpretation.

This painting is also different from my other paintings in couple of ways. Apart from bristle brushes, I used watercolor brushes, mop brushes, paper towels and so on to apply the paint (the paint layer has brush hair which are now part of the painting). And one of the lessons I learned was that paints and tools are just that- tools. I am guilty of believing that only certain brands and brushes can do the job. In the end, your elbow grease and imagination matter as much!

I started the painting with broad washes of paint rubbed in. I used limited palette and painted in layers. Many glazes, scumbles and impastos. I used very little white paint.

I am working on other landscape paintings, both in watercolor and oil. My inspiration comes from walking in the little park in my neighborhood. While not full of awe-inspiring vistas like exotic places, I love this park just as much. I am not sure if it just a coincidence, but, I am also enjoying the works of Isaak Levitan. If I ever make a trip to Russia, it will be to admire his paintings…

– Tesh Parekh

Artist, Photographer and Live Wedding Painter






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Wedding Painting of a Grandover Resort (Greensboro) Wedding { Aneka + Solomon } – by North carolina Wedding Painter

Aneka and Solomon’s wedding at Grandover Resort in Greensboto NC. Wedding Painting. Oil on Linen. 16″x20″.

Aneka and Solomon. Wedding Painting. Oil on Linen. 16"x20". Artist- Tesh Parekh

I did this painting for Sue McCain of Bella Wedding & Event Planning. The wedding took place at beautiful Grandover Resort in Greensboro (NC).

I was at the location two hours before the outdoor ceremony. It stormed just when I started to work! It stopped raining before the ceremony started. However, this put me behind the schedule. And since I had an engagement later on, I made sketches during the ceremony and snapped some photos to use as reference. I completed the painting in my studio.

I paint in both oils and watercolors. Both mediums have their own unique appeal. My previous live ceremony painting was in watercolor. I used oil paints of different brands for this painting. I use quality linen for all of my commissions.

I will be doing a live wedding painting as well as a live event painting for Wish Upon A Wedding in Chapel Hill next month. I am available to capture your wedding or event….

– Tesh Parekh

Wedding and Event Painter




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Triangle Wine Experience 2011- A Live Event Painting by Raleigh NC Live Wedding and Event Artist

This was my second year painting live for the Triangle Wine Experience. Last year, I had done a 11″x14″ watercolor. This year, I decided to do an oil. I visited the location in advance to checkout lighting and find a good spot. ISES team had really transformed the inside of a warehouse! I used 16″x20″ linen. I also carried my studio floor lamp. Indoor events are difficult to paint! Especially formal events with subdued lighting! Oil painting is especially challenging because of the glare.

I started the painting by toning the linen. I painted rough under-painting in Transparent Red oxide. It was still early so most folks were not yet sitting at the table. My solution was to do pencil sketches of people in action while I waited for the under-painting to dry little bit. Then it was painting in full color. Of course, in such environment, it is hard to judge hue, value and intensity! You have to find a way to create depth in the painting. One advantage of oils is the slow drying. Watercolors will dry faster (but, not fast enough when you need!). However, it is easier to lay quick washes with watercolor! Not so with oils! Filling up linen with details and brush-stroke was a long process! I really sweated with this painting!

I had the painting finished, photographed and framed in time for the auction. My hope is that it will get a good price for the Frankie Lemmon Foundation. I am glad to be part of this event to support a great cause.

I am keeping busy with painting and photography! I have many inquiries for painting live at weddings and events. I hope to travel more this year for commissions. I am constantly learning. And that is a good thing…

– Tesh Parekh

Live Wedding and Event Artist



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Painting your Wedding and Event live in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, North Carolina and beyond…


This is part of the scene I painted! Photographer- Tesh Parekh


Triangle Wine Experience 2011. Live Painting. Oil on Linen. 16"x20". Painted live on location in Raleigh NC. Artist- Tesh Parekh


Finished painting on the easel- ready for the auction! Photographer- Tesh Parekh

Live Event Painting for ISES/ NACE/ TBA Holiday Party at Crabtree Marriott- by Raleigh NC Live Wedding and Event Painter

 Leon Jordan’s Continentals Orchestra, Live Event Painting, 12″x16″, Watercolor on Arches 140 lb CP paper.

This was my second year doing live painting for ISES, NACE amd TBA annual holiday party. The party was for Toys for Tots benefit.

As always, I enjoyed meeting my fellow professionals. The party was held at Crabtree Marriott Hotel . My friend Jule Lee is a Sr. Exec at the hotel. The food was fabulous!

Last year I had picked different composition. This year I decided to paint the orchestra. There were quite a few musicians! I had about 30 minutes to do a pencil sketch. Below is my setup before I started the painting:

As with any indoor live painting, the challenge is always the lighting! But, I was fortunate to find a spot with decent light on my watercolor block and palette. I also carry portable light, but, it can be a distraction to the well-designed party lighting. So, I avoid it, if possible.

Of corse, the orchestra folks were in constant motion and were off the stage well before I finished the painting! So, painting from memory was a necessity. I had the painting finished and framed, in time for door prizes. Taylor Pittman of Taylormade DJ Services won it! Below is my finished painting in the easel (orchestra had returned to the stage):

I am excited about 2011! I have received many inquiries about live wedding paintings and also started booking brides. If you are a bride who is looking for something unique, a live wedding painting is worth considering! Most of the wedding budget is spent on guests, while a live painting not only captures the wedding through artists’s eye, but also lasts forever!

I have also been doing plein air work. Below is one of my favorite recent watercolor sketch:

Tesh Parekh

Professional Artist and Photographer





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One Amazing Live Wedding Painting by Tesh Parekh

Rod and Amy. Watercolor. Painted live. 16×20 on Saunders 140 lb rough paper.

I did this painting yesterday at the White Memorial Presbyterian Church in Raleigh. What could be a better way to spend my day than painting?!

When I received an email from Cara  Zuehlke of A Southern Soiree about painting live at a wedding for a guest of the Bride and Groom for a unique gift, I was excited! This was just 2-3 days ago! A friend of the Groom wanted to give the painting as a gift to the very special couple.  So, after discussing the details,  it was left up to me to decide on the final size and format of the painting.

I went a day in advance to check out the church.  Based on the interior of the church, I decided to use 16×20 format, which worked out to be perfect size for the painting.  For me, the biggest decision was which paper to use.  I paint on variety of papers.  Given the current weather conditions, (steamy and hot!), I decided to use Saunders 140 lb paper.  I also used Holbein paints and my usual mop and Escoda brushes.

After completing the painting, I  matted and framed the completed painting and delivered it to the reception.   I also like to carry extra supplies in case there is a quick fix need.   So, I asked my wonderful wife to help me!  She was my attentive assistant while I painted.

The wedding start time was 6 PM. We arrived at the church at 3 PM. I setup in the balcony, next to Toni and Chris of Barton Creek’s videography setup. Shane Snider was the photographer and I look forward to seeing the shots he took while I was working. Beautiful flowers were provided by Lyn Graves, owner of Fresh Affairs.

The church is spacious with lot of little architectural details. The amount of time I had and the format of the painting allowed me to capture it all! I setup immediately and sketched the background in pencil. Painting interiors is not always easy – especially when your main subjects are yet to arrive! So, I painted some of the background and details in light washes and waited for guests to arrive. The ceremony began right on time and lasted around 20 minutes! The wedding party was big and I had to sketch everybody in quickly!

After the ceremony was over, I kept on painting. I completed the painting after 8 PM. We photographed, framed and delivered the painting to the Carolina Country Club.  The friend of the Bride and Groom loved the painting and signed it on the back, wishing the Bride and Groom well.  I am certain that they will enjoy this special gift.

The church was spacious and well-lit: a luxury for me! However, my easel was a step below me, so, I had to constantly bend as I painted! I will be on the road for couple of days, photographing a wedding ceremony.  So, I was ready to go home to rest and enjoy some family time.

I look forward to painting live: could it be your special event?

– Tesh Parekh

Artist and Photographer





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Departed- a watercolor painting by Raleigh NC artist

Departed. 15×22. Watercolor on Fabriano 300 lb HP paper.

Some painting ideas are like a splinter under your skin! This one came to me when my wife was in a hospital several years ago. From the hospital room window, I could see a helicopter sitting on top of a building. originally, I wanted to somehow include it in the painting, but, then dropped the idea. It would make the painting too busy.

To me, painting is a visual language. And I am still learning. So, it has taken me this long to finally make the painting. In between, I made quick pencil sketches while visiting some folks at hospitals. Last month, I made little more detailed pencil sketches when my wife was in hospital again. I wanted to paint on the spot. But, hospitals aren’t an easy place for that sort of thing! The final painting is done from a combination of my sketches, memory and imagination. It took me a while to find the right composition, too. And of course, the influence of Andrew Wyeth is obvious. Someday, I will master the medium of watercolors the way he did.

I know it is not a pretty painting. Certainly not the kind anyone will want to hang over mantle! But, it is a truthful depiction of my emotions. When you are sitting alone in a hospital room, watching your loved one, it is not always a happy feeling…

– Tesh Parekh




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“Concert at North Hills”- A live event painting by Tesh Parekh

Concert at North Hills. 13×19. Watercolor on Saunder’s Waterford 140 lb Rough paper. Painted live.

I had dreaded about making this painting! I frequently paint live at weddings & events, however, what worried me here was the complexity! I painted this as a part of North Hills plein air competition. The competition has now been open for two months. And for me, it has come down to almost last two days to get couple of paintings done. I hope to do an oil painting as well.

I had done three paintings last year, for the same competition. One painting had even won top prize in one of the categories (it was a rarity, considering that it was a watercolor!). Today, while scouting for a painting location, I met James Park. James, who is a General Manager at Mura Restaurant, had purchased one of my paintings last year. He shared a wonderful story related to my painting! Last year I had painted fountains. This year, I wanted to paint something different that would capture what goes on at North Hills. My original plan was to go out and work on couple of paintings for a week. North Hills competition is different from other competitions in that, you can paint anytime and as many times during the competition. This can potentially allow you to refine your paintings (or cheat, if you are into that sort of thing!). However, I had many other obligations which kept me from my lofty ideals. In fact, the title of this post should have been “life comes at you fast, paint faster”!

This was my first time at the Thursday evening concert. It was packed! Let me just say that people were having a good time! I had many folks who stopped by to admire my work (thank you, all!). Couple of folks even showed interest in buying it. This was not an easy painting for couple of reasons. First, the scene in front of me was really complicated. I liked the view from the other side, but, I did not like the composition that way. The light was also fading quickly. It took me around two hours to paint it and I enjoyed the experience.

I used Holbein paints with mostly subdued palette. There are no strong warm colors.

I am still working on a commissioned family oil portrait and also hope to finish couple of oil paintings for competitions. In next couple of days. Wish me luck!

– Tesh Parekh