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“The Slave Cabin Door” – A Drybrush Watercolor painting by Raleigh NC Fine Artist

"The Slave Cabin Door". Drybrush Watercolor. 12x16. Arches 300 lb CP paper. Artist - Tesh Parekh

Few months ago, Mica and I had visited Burleigh Plantation in Semora NC. I was fascinated by this place. Many photo and painting possibilities. Few days ago, I did a gouache painting of the plantation quilts on a line. I have entered that painting into Jerry’s Artarama‘s Turner Gouache contest and hope it will win! This is my second painting of the plantation. A drybrush watercolor. I was curious about history of old structures on the grounds there. And also the textures of things you find in such a place. Like this old door of a slave cabin. Many layers of history. Just like a drybrush painting. Layers upon layers. I have done drybrush paintings before, but, this is my most successful one. Andrew Wyeth’s drybrush watercolors have always inspired me. And after studying his work and more important, his painting philosophy, I am only just starting to learn this medium.

The beginning of this painting was not very exciting. I did the underdrawing and was not sure how to go from there. Worse, I accidentally dropped some paint on it while cleaning my palette (Sepia- no less!). The first layers looked terrible! But, painting is as much about preserving as it is about the techniques. So, I washed some of the layers off (it helped to paint on 300 lb paper). Once I started actual drybrushing, the painting unfolded like magic…

The original is available for purchase as are prints.

Happy Holidays!

– Tesh Parekh



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