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Watercolor paintings of India

05 Dec 2014 / in Cityscape, Drybrush, Watercolor

Watercolor paintings of India. These are the paintings of my hometown of Amreli. This was the place where I was born and where I grew up. I have not visited Amreli for many years (couple of decades to be exact). My brother and sister now live in Mumbai and they often travel there with my Dad. We […]

Drybrush Watercolor painting “The Angry Bird” of Mumbai

21 Jul 2014 / in Drybrush, Painting, Watercolor

Lately I have been enjoying creating drybrush watercolor paintings. I find this technique suitable for some of my subjects. Like this house crow of Mumbai. You find crows everywhere in India. When I was a kid, crows seemed big and menacing. Welcome on certain occasions when we offered food to our ancestors. We would throw food on […]

My two drybrush watercolor paintings in the VAE’s Pulp show

Driftwood. 21x29. Watercolor on paper.
30 Apr 2013 / in Drybrush, Event, Gallery, Painting, Watercolor

My two drybrush watercolor paintings- “Dry” and “Driftwood” have been accepted into Visual Art Exchange‘s Pulp show. This juried show opens on Friday. Both paintings are large watercolors (full sheet). I have done many watercolors this year, but, no drybrush paintings. It may be time to do one… – Tesh Parekh Fine Artist and Live […]

Raleigh Fine Art – “Dry” A Drybrush Watercolor Painting

Drybrush painting of dry brush! I picked up this branch at a playground. My son was playing with his friends and they were throwing it around. I brought it home and kept it in my studio for a long time. One day I picked a 22×30 full sheet of watercolor paper and started this still […]

“The Slave Cabin Door” – A Drybrush Watercolor painting by Raleigh NC Fine Artist

24 Dec 2011 / in Drybrush, Still life, Watercolor

Few months ago, Mica and I had visited Burleigh Plantation in Semora NC. I was fascinated by this place. Many photo and painting possibilities. Few days ago, I did a gouache painting of the plantation quilts on a line. I have entered that painting into Jerry’s Artarama‘s Turner Gouache contest and hope it will win! […]

Airborne- A Drybrush Watercolor by Raleigh NC Fine Artist

01 Mar 2011 / in Drybrush, Painting, Watercolor

Airborne. A drybrush watercolor painting by Tesh Parekh. Tesh Parekh is a live wedding artist living in Raleigh NC. He is available for wedding painting commissions world-wide. Tesh accepts studio commissions for every kind.

Watercolor painting for Safe Haven for Cats: “Waiting”

 “Waiting”. 8×10. Watercolor. Available for purchase via Safe Haven for Cats live auction. This is the painting I just did for the auction. I used my friend Courtney Banko’s beautiful image as a reference. Earlier I had done two more paintings from her images. Those were for the SPCA auction on Oct 4. I like […]

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